Apnea Board policy regarding posts concerning marijuana (Cannabis)

1. Discussions of (and any promotion of) the legal or illegal recreational use of marijuana will be removed from all public forums. State & federal laws vary (and often conflict) on whether recreational use is legal or illegal. Therefore, to protect the forum from appearing to allow the discussion of potentially illegal substances, we are playing it safe and not allowing this type of "recreational use" discussion at all.

2. Discussions of (and promotion of) the lawful medical use of marijuana will be allowed to stand as-is, assuming the discussion does not drift off into recreational use. If a post is made that drifts off into recreational use, staff will edit or remove those individual remarks or posts within that thread, and notify the member of the edit via PM.

If you have questions concering this policy, please send a Private Message (PM) to SuperSleeper on the forum

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