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'0' AHI - "Is machine broken"?
(05-31-2016, 08:41 PM)OpalRose Wrote: Pressure can increase due to flow limitations and snores. I don't think GrammaBear has these flags enabled on her events graph, but could be occurring and cause pressure increase...but since those events aren't counted, that still equals an AHI of 0.

I have had an AHI of 0, but still recorded Flow Limitations.

I think you are right. I pretty well always have an AHI <1, but the pressure does vary, and if I look at the flow limitations graph there is a very strong correlation there. Last night I was at 0.12 with a single 10 second OA, the night before I was 0, but both graphs show the pressure varying and when the flow limitation goes up so does the pressure and vice versa.

Similarly I can see peaks in the pressure at the same time as significant snores occur.

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(05-31-2016, 01:02 PM)GrammaBear Wrote: I don't read the SD card in my machine daily, but this morning I did put it in the card reader. The results confuse me because the AHI said it was '0'. I've been on cpap machine for 7 years and never had that number. I'm worried if something is wrong with my machine??

Hello GrammaBear - have to say it looks really real to me. Congratulations! (What is it about that Smiley Face that cheers us, adults, so much?)

I've only ever had I think 6 Smiley zeros in 18 months, and that's only with using my super-efficient ASV machine since November.

Only thing to suggest if you still have doubts - I see from your screenshot that you are using an 'older' Sleepyhead version 0.9.8-1. You could try downloading the latest SH version and rebuild your data and see what that says. But if I were you I would just celebrate your result.
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(05-31-2016, 01:02 PM)GrammaBear Wrote: I don't read the SD card in my machine daily, but this morning I did put it in the card reader. The results confuse me because the AHI said it was '0'. I've been on cpap machine for 7 years and never had that number. I'm worried if something is wrong with my machine??

Hi GrammaBear,
I also have an S9 Autoset, which I have been using for a little over 2 years. I have had a few nights with AHI of 0. After reading some posts here that the S9 series seems to have an issue with getting "stuck" on zeros, I now disconnect the machine from the power brick whenever I record a zero, and plug it back in when I am ready to go to bed again. So far, this has successfully avoided the repeating zeros problem.

Congratulations on your zero ! ! ! Amazing
Good luck,
PAPing in NE Ohio, with a pack of Cairn terriers
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Update: My numbers are back to normal (whatever that may be) as last night ahi was 0.5 with 2 OA events at 10 sec each and 2 OA events at 19 sec each and 1 hypopnea at 19 sec. It was nice to have one smiley face after 7 years on cpap.
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Congrats Gramma Bear! There are two ways to verify a 0 AHI night. First, check the machine readout and ResScan. Second, enable flow limitations events flags in SH - UF1 and UF2. These don't qualify as events because of shorter then 10 second duration so don't get recorded as AHI but if they appear then you know your machine is most likely working correctly and your 0 is legit. If you enable them now and then restart SH you will be able to see if you had any UF1 or UF2 "events" during your 0 nights which would make your 0 absolutely legit.

Happy Pappin'
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I too had a 0 AHI. Nothing was wrong on mine. Just had a good night. As was said earlier, it's not the numbers as much as how you feel. Some of my best nights produce worse numbers.
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Look at your 7 day average on your machine. Are you registered with Res Med My air? The seven day average would be there also.

A zero on any one day just means you therapy is working well Sleep-on-pillow

A seven day average of zero should be investigated

(05-31-2016, 04:05 PM)GrammaBear Wrote:
(05-31-2016, 03:56 PM)eseedhouse Wrote: I have 0 AHI maybe half of my nights. But it's no big deal - what counts is how you feel!

Did you automatically 'know' everything was OK the first time it happened to you? For me, it is a shock because nothing like this has ever, ever happened to me. My machine is a 'gently used' machine purchased after my prior machine had to be replaced because the bearings went out on the motor. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have something good, just afraid because I didn't know what happened.

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I will hit 0 several times a night for extended periods, but usually start out with a higher number (around 5-6) as I start out sleeping on my back. My 7 day average sits in the low 2s. I can live with it and I usually feel great during the day.

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