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1am, nightmares of heart stopping keeping me awake

Hi guys, I just wanted to share my current status in hopes someone else finds this experience useful.

Yesterday I picked up my home sleep test device, seemed like a smartphone without a screen where you plug in the tubes that go in your nose and the cable that reads the pulse from your index finger.

I turned in today and they will call me in 2-3 weeks with any findings, My doctor is also going to send me to the cardiologist so i can get a machine that will revord my hearth rithm and make sure there are no heart related issues.

So far i havent had anymore gasping for air attacks in my sleep, im still lifting weights and im getting used to it, also lost about 12 lbs, unfortunately im still getting very sleepy during the day.

Ill keep updating this thread as my case goes on.

thank you
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Got a call from the sleep clinic a few hours ago and was told my test revealed about 24 episodes per hour in which i would stop breathing or breathing very weakly, they diagnosed me with Moderate Sleep Apnea and will be picking up a test CPAP machine next week.

I am hoping this will improve my lifestyle.

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Glad to hear you will begin CPAP therapy and hopefully soon will feel better and not experience the 1am awakenings!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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(11-24-2015, 07:20 PM)cate1898 Wrote: Glad to hear you will begin CPAP therapy and hopefully soon will feel better and not experience the 1am awakenings!

Indeed, the night I started this thread is an experience I dont wish on anyone, not to mention the multiple hospital visits.

I am getting that machine next Thursday and I also have the appoinment with the cardiologist who is supposed to monitor my heart rythm just to be safe.
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Wishing you well, ezdrifler

Keep us posted!
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Agree completely with above comments and suggestions. Emergency rooms and urgent care centers will not diagnose chronic issues, unless they are present when you are right there. Otherwise, they basically make sure you aren't about to die, and refer you to your PCP. You need a sleep test, and you should see a cardiologist soon. More focused cardiac testing is needed, probably a stress test and Holter monitor.

You're on the right track. Good luck!
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I requested that my sleep doctor give me a prescription for an APAP machine and I'd pay for it myself. That's the way to beat the dismal slow motion treatment that is too often dispensed. It's cost me a few bucks but I was severely sleep deprived, desperate and terrified. The Resmed S9 Autoset gave immediate relief.

As others have said, if you must wait it out, sleep on your side exclusively. It'll help a great deal.

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Got my cpap machine! yeyyy!, I am supposed to use this loaner for 4 days and return it so they can give the data collected to my doctor, then he will decide in a couple of weeks if this treatment works for me.

1st night was definetly a strange experience, no snoring, breathing trough my nose only to were before used to be my mouth, I woke up feeling a bit sleepy still but i wasnt as sleepy in the afternoon as usual, so i did feel some changes, not as drastic as I was hoping but good changes in how my level of sleepiness changed.

2nd night I was looking forward to and fell asleep but in the morning I woke up and when I opened my mouth i did not feel the air pressure from my cpap machine, took the nose mask off and noticed my nose was completely blocked, I got up toblow my nose but didnt do any help, so i put a little vicks vaporub on my nose which helped cleared it, I went back to bed and put the mask on, felt the mouth air pressure "were back im business!", but within a few minutes my nose closed up again...

Any advice guys? I only got 2 more nights and want to make the best of it, ill call the clinic but neing saturday not sure if they will answer.

Thank you
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Are you using humidity? Also, what type mask are you using?

You can try a nasal rinse and see if that helps.
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(12-05-2015, 03:11 PM)OpalRose Wrote: Are you using humidity? Also, what type mask are you using?

You can try a nasal rinse and see if that helps.

Being new at this im not sure if the machine has any type of humidifier built into it, however most humidifiers Ive seen create steam all night long and need quite a bit of water.

With that said I doubt the machine has a humidifier since theres no steam, we were not given instructions to use a humidifier either.

The mask im using is one that covers the entire nose only, not the mouth.

I will stop by the drugstore to see what nasal remedies there are.

Do you recommend I have a humidifier running behind the cpap machine where it sucks the air in?, I left a voicemail to the sleep clinic but I think they are close for the weekend.
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