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24 nights on CPAP 1st ever Hypopneas - DreamStation wacky?
I just don't know about this DreamStation I have or if I trust the numbers it records. Had one of my worst nights, numbers wise, last night and my first ever recorded Hypopneas in 24 days of CPAP use. I can only use the DreamMapper app for my info, as no other program reads the new machines data.

Last night I got a reading of 25 Hypopneas and the previous 23 nights, always zero. My CA's were 10 and OA's were 20 in 7:33 hours of sleep. The AHI was 7.3 in the app. For once the machine's AHI is the same at 7.3. The machine's AHI is usually almost twice the # the app tells me. As always it says I had 100% mask fit and no leak numbers registered.

What concerns me the most is the 25 Hypopneas. I have never had any recorded before and seems off that they would just start last night, maybe it is possible.

I am just frustrated that I can't seem to get accurate info and now really don't trust the machine as far as recording the correct data. I have not had this new machine, my first ever CPAP, a month and wonder if I should try and get a different one from my DME? Will they trade it for a different maker other than Philips Respironics? If they would, what Auto CPAP should I get?

The machine doesn't bother me as far as use. With my new DreamWear mask I seem to sleep decent only waking a few times a night, that I know about. I doubt they would switch it at this point and don't know if I should bother trying. I would just like to be able to read the data better and know if it is trustworthy.

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I'm in the same boat as you, brother. I love the machine but I wish they had sleepyhead for it.
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I'm new to using a CPAP machine and have been using the DreamStation for a month now. I haven't noticed any large inconsistencies between the AHI on the machine and what I see on DreamMapper. It would be nice however to have software that would give me a complete analysis of the sleep data.
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(11-21-2015, 10:06 AM)Jimsp1 Wrote: I'm new to using a CPAP machine and have been using the DreamStation for a month now. I haven't noticed any large inconsistencies between the AHI on the machine and what I see on DreamMapper. It would be nice however to have software that would give me a complete analysis of the sleep data.

My app API number is regularly more than half what the machine display says it is. If the machine display says my one day # was a 4 the app will say it was a 1.9 or something like that. When I look at the app API info and do the AHI math myself, the app is always right.

I was told by PR support that the machine display is a per session # and the app is the noon to noon number, meaning that a session is a period of time I use the machine at night and if I stop the machine for some reason, like go to the bathroom, it starts a new session. I call BS on that though because there are nights when I don't stop the machine or take off the mask and the numbers still differ.

I also never get anything less than 100% mask fit and no large leak % numbers. Which I take to mean I never have leaks, ever. I find this hard to believe, but if true is great.
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Now that I just check out the machine and the app again, it seems I had 21 Hypopneas the night before last and 25 last night. Never one before two nights ago in my first 3 1/2 weeks of using CPAP. I wonder if they updated the app or machine firmware two days ago and now it is tracking Hypopneas in the app. We really need SleepyHead to work with this machine and would definitely make a donation to the project if it did.
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It must be very frustrating not to be able to get reliable data.

If any of you that are using the DreamStation have reasonably nice DME's that you deal with, Wink you could try asking if they have an updated copy of encore basic or encore pro that they use, and if they would mind giving you a copy to use. I know that's a long shot, but might be worth a try. Dont-know
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As some of you may know, in my first 22 days of using my DreamStation Auto CPAP, my first ever CPAP, with the DreamMapper software, my machine AHI# and the app number never matched. The app was always about half of what the machine display said it was. Now this had been explained to me in ways that just didn't make sense, about one tracking sessions and one tracking noon to noon numbers.

Well the last three days the AHI# has been finally matching and I think I know why. My DreamMapper app showed no Hypopneas for the first 22 days. Since I am new to this, I figured I wasn't having any and thought great and had some low, for me, AHI#'s on the app. Three days ago I started getting Hypopneas showing up in my app numbers and this has increased the apps AHI# and it has been matching the machine display.

While I am disappointed I am not Hypopnea free and need to find out how to get them and my total number down lower, I am glad the numbers are finally matching. I wonder if this was happening with any other DreamStation users and if the tweaked they software three days ago in either the machine or the app because they were not being recorded?
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Just curious, do you know why the app wasn't recording Hypopneas?
Mabye just a glitz in App? I had a feeling the DreamStation was giving you the correct AHI all along, even though the DME and person at phillips gave you incorrect information. Sad

Make note of this so that when Sleepyhead becomes available you will be able to go back to that date and all the days prior that the app didn't match the DreamStation and take a look.

Now to the important issue, what are your "real" AHI numbers?
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Opal, I just think that because the DreamStation is so new, as well as the app, there must be bugs. I am curious if others with this setup had the same problem? At this point all I can get from the machine display is that my 1 day AHI was 5.3, 7 day-6.1 and 30 day-7.6. The app info is not real helpful with wrong AHI#s for the first 22 days. I am glad to see that my 7 day average is lower than my 30. I am wondering if it is because of the new DreamWear mask being more comfortable and working better for me. I am a bit sad that the higher numbers I've been seeing the last 25 days on my machine seem to be the correct numbers.

With no decent software it is tough to see what adjustment could benefit me and lower my numbers. At least I should be able to keep better track now with the limited info DreamMapper gives me.
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I haven't heard anyone else complain about the machine "yet".

Changing masks does often affect the AHI, but that settles down after awhile. It's looks like your AHI is a little lower than prior readings???

The machine can't give you an accurate 30 day average yet, because you haven't used it for that long, but your 1 day and 7 day will be correct.
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