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2nd night and feel like this is miraculous!
Yesterday, I started treatment and had a rough night. I felt all night like I couldn't exhale, and it kept me awake. Then, I read on this forum that sometimes the issue is the pressure being too low and the pillow being too tight, so I upped the pressure and took away the ramp, and loosened my mask. Result: amazing! I slept 9 hours, and my husband said I did not move at all. I woke up at 6:30 AM on my own, which never happens, and actually felt rested. I feel like crying, as I have not felt this way for many, many years. I had no idea the apnea was afecting me so much!
My apnea is mild- 13.2, and I am only 37. I thought that I was "too young" to have sleep apnea, but my doctors now think I have probably had if my entire life. My whole life, I have experienced terrible night terrors. It is common to have these as a child, but very rare to continue to have them as an adult. However, I still do, and it got to the point where I was afraid to go to sleep, they were that bad. Since many of these night terrors center around me gasping for air or feeling like I was going to die, my sleep doctor thinks that disordered breathing may have been a major cause. I really hope so, so that we can treat it.
I am a mother or 2 young kids (4 and 2) and I work full time as a professor. My kids are not good sleepers- they have always woken up a lot at night, so over the last 4 years I have been very sleep deprived. I also have an intense work schedule, having just earned tenure, published a book and any articles in addition to my regular teaching schedule. I am proud of how I have balanced my beautiful children and my career over the last 4 years, but, honestly, I have been so completely exhausted that I have not known what to do. I knew that the utter exhaustion I felt every single day was unsustainable, but didn't know what to do. I gained 30 pounds after having my children. My blood sugar is high and I have prediabetes. Now, I know that my sleep problems have been contributing to this. I can't imagine how my life might change if I wake up every day feeling like I do right now. I don't want to get too overexcited, but I finally have some hope!
I simply must get this figured out. My parents both have severe apnea. My aunt died at 50 due to stroke and heart conditions that we now think were likely related to her diagnosed but untreated sleep apnea. My dad's whole family has a history of early death (before 60) that may be due to sleep apnea. This is important.
Thank you all for the amazing information you provide- reading your forums helped me ask for a good machine and make important adjustments that led to my goodnight last night. Thank you times a million. I hope this keeps up!
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Welcome, and we're glad that this forum can be of help, doctorlady99, and wishing you a good sleep and good health.

On the nght-terrors: New research is starting to relate nightmares and worse to sleep interruptions during REM sleep. We now know that you dream in several phases, not just REM sleep, and that REM sleep is almost exclusively linked to emotionally negative dreams. You only remember the last thing you dreamed, and only then if you were dreaming up until you awoke or within some minutes of waking. So that you may have had sleep apnoea of some sort or other for a long time is not unlikely and would dovetail into your experiences quite neatly. Let us know is the night-terrors start to recede over time now that you are on CPAP.
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Hi and welcome!

Congrats on the great night! You'll have good days and not so good days but it sounds like you nailed down the pressure just right.
What you have accomplished in life, so far, is amazing. Just dealing with a 2 year and a 4 year old would be a handful. Good luck Smile


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Welcome doctorlady99,
I'm happy you took it upon yourself to change your pressure. When you have time, download the SleepyHead software so that you can better track your progress.
Have a great day! Thumbs-up-2
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Thanks for the replies! DocWils, that is really fascinating. I feel like I have asked every doctor about my night terrors for years, and they have no idea, and really didn't seem that concerned. However, such issues really can be problematic, and I feel like they should be taken more seriously. Even though my apnea is mild, I suspect that I occasionally have some rather serious, longer events, if that makes sense. Looking back, I would often wake and have not only the gasping but incredibly high pulse- my heart was absolutely racing. It would make a lot of sense that sleep apnea could be related to them. I really hope they go away with this treatment- I will keep track and report back.
AlanE- thanks so much- it has been a very busy few years, and I am proud of how much I have been able to do, but now I realize the toll it has taken on my health since I was not getting good sleep. I wouldn't be surprised if it has taken years off my life, not exaggerating. So excited to keep up this journey to better health with the machine as one component. Hopefully I can be around for my kids for a long time, and that is the most important goal! Thanks for your support!
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Hi doctorlady99,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It's good to hear that you have had such great results with your CPAP therapy and hopefully, your night terrors will go away now that you are treating your apnea.
Hang in there for more responses to your post,
Good job, keep up the good work and much success to you.
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Welcome to the forum, doctorlady, and thanks so much for bringing up night-terrors.
I've wondered about that also, but didn't have a name for it.

Thanks, docwills, for the affirmation that's it real, and another reason I credit CPAP with still being alive after a decade of challenging life events.

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You are so fortunate that you have caught this and begun to treat it in your 30s and before full blown diabetes and high blood pressure fall on you. I have had Apnea my whole life too, with similar symptoms as you but was 56 before beginning apnea treatment. The dreams of being strangled, choked, buried alive, drowned.... nocturia (which went away from the first night of cpap).. Yawning. Constant yawning! Never woke rested!

I am diabetic and have high blood pressure that hasnt gone down a whit in 6 mo of treatment.... so good on you for getting on board Smile Smile Smile
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Good job Doc Lady getting started with your therapy. The euphoria you experienced on your first night will wane because we do adapt so quickly to changing events. But the healing therapy itself will remain. So all is well.

"Mild" diagnosis of sleep apnea isn't really all the helpful because we think that since it's "mild," we should be able to tough it out. But disruption is disruption. In my case I was diagnosed as "mild" (sleeping on my side. On my back was off the charts). But I still remember falling asleep behind the wheel on the 2 mile round trip to the post office. I remember getting up 5 times a night to go to the bathroom. I remember the gerd. ........so many things. So the euphoria has subsided but the benefits just keep coming. If they want to take my cpap away from me they will have to pry the mask from my cold, dead, nosie.

Oh... and the snoring thing. Yeah that. I don't do that anymore. I do not even have to sleep in the far reaches of my house so that Mrs. R_G can get some rest. No longer does the Coast Guard send me hate-mail because I'm setting off their tsunami alert sirens. That's a good thing.

Do download the Sleepyhead software so you can check out your results for yourself, and balance your therapy.

You are off to a wonderful start! Thanks for sharing.
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The research is relatively recent - in the last year or two a whole slew of new ideas are emerging and completely overturning our understanding of sleep phases, and is slowly disseminating. One of the more interesting aspects is the question of dreaming - when you dream, what the quality of dreams are about and what they tell us, and which phases of sleep determine the content of your dreams. One thing that has emerged strongly is that different phases of sleep have different types of dreams, positive or negative. Our understanding of night terrors is also moving out of the Jungian phase into a more objective analysis via our greater understanding of how sleep works and why it is important to us.

When I went to med school, we still thought of dreaming in terms of Freud and Jung, and over the decades from the '70's onwards new ideas were regularly entering our understanding. Now, in the last few years, a whole new generation of researchers are looking at what has been learnt and asking - is that all? In the process they are designing new experiments and are turning old ideas on their head. So expect over the next few years these ideas to become common knowledge in the medical community and in the popular press. It is rather exciting, really.
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