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3 days in - not as easy as I thought
3 days in - not as easy as I thought
Can’t see how to fix my profile when on phone. 

ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset
Nasal pillows air fit p10 for her. 
Pressure set at 10. 

My CPAP titration seemed to get a solid nights sleep. I asked for a nasal mask but got a full face one. Took a sleeping pill and slept well until the point when I couldn’t go back to sleep after going to the bathroom.  

When I picked up my CPAP I had asked for a nasal pillow. Took the one they gave me even though I found it uncomfortable. 

The first night I took a trazadone sleeping pill after an hour lying awake, but it was the last in the bottle. 

 Couldn’t find the new trazodone bottle the second night, so tried taking medication with both sleep and muscle relaxant properties after an hour awake, and added a midnight snack. Stayed up another couple hours, lying on my side (normal sleeping position without CPAP), and had enormous stomach pain. Got up went to the bathroom, thinking I might vomit. Instead I burped nine times and relieved the pain. 

Looked up some suggestions for swallowing air, and most suggested reducing pressure. But my machine appears to be set in such a way that I can’t adjust it myself. 

Third night, still couldnt find the trazadone so took a different sleeping pill that is less effective but safe for long term use. And had a miserable night. Couldn’t sleep at first, got up to use the bathroom, then fell asleep without the CPAP for 3 hours, then put it back on and had a fitful sleep. 

During times when I was awake the whole time, it still showed I had apnea events. 4 in a 30 minute period last night. Could it just be seeing the times when I took much longer and deeper breaths and interpreting them as OSA events? 

I know I don’t have the best sleep hygiene practices, but I live in a 450 square foot apartment. It’s kind of hard to stay out of the  bedroom except for sleep. 

I can’t supply data because the machine didn’t come with an SD card. Planning to buy one soon. And my problems are more related to the discomfort of going to sleep with a CPAP and general insomnia,  I found the trazadone, and could take small doses of that along with the safe but ineffective pill. 

Does anyone have ideas on how to improve my sleep? How to get accustomed to the CPAP?
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
I watched TV while wearing the mask with the machine on the first couple of nights.
I started with a large P10 nasal pillow(the one the DME fitted me with) and found the medium to seal better and be more comfortable.(YMMV).
I changed to the p30i after wrapping the hose around my neck.
On a Resmed S10 to get to the 'clinicians menu' hold in the knob and the 'home button' together for about 5 seconds.
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
I checked all your threads and don't see any data.
There are lots of generic answers we can offer like "hang in there..it can take some time" but that doesn't give you any evidence-based suggestions.

If you have a PC and can get OSCAR and upload data we might be able to suggest some ideas based on what we see in that data.
It's entirely possible that your machine is not tuned for you.. but without data we can't (and shouldn't) guess.
I've no experience trying to do any of this on a phone or tablet so I can't begin to help there.

You could begin by uploading your sleep report (all pages) since you've had a study done. That should be an easy start for you even with a phone.
Be sure to redeact any personal identifying information (scrub out names and addresses and ID numbers etc) .
Maybe put some white paper over those parts if you don't want to mess up the paperwork.. or use an app to scribble those bits out on your images.

I hope someone else may have more concrete suggestions for you in the meantime. Good Luck on the journey. :-)
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
Probably the first step is to download the clinical manual. You can request one for you machine by email from AB.

If you hold the front home button and the dial at the same time you can get into the clinical menu and look at the sleep report so you can at least get an idea of AHI and leaks.

Generally setting a CPAP machine to auto allows for lower pressure (minimum). It also sets a maximum pressure that is greater than your straight setting of 10. This can be more comfortable for some people.

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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
to update your profile using your phone, turn the phone sideways so you can see the forum in landscape mode, and look for the user CP at the top.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=17827]

Once we see some charts, I'm sure more specific advise will come forward. You should not have to compromise on mask fit or type. Nearly all nasal pillow masks come with a fit-kit including several sizes of nasal pillows. I almost always find new users have one that is too small.

If you're having aerophagia, we want to get you on Autoset mode at lower pressure and take advantage of the exhale pressure relief mode (EPR). Please help us to help you by getting that SD card today.
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
(12-22-2019, 12:18 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: Please help us to help you by getting that SD card today.

Avoid the SDXC format.  Only vanilla SD works according to Resmed, but SDHC (up to 32Gb) are apparently OK too according to the forum.

Look at my sig to see how to get that clinician's manual

PS regarding trazodone check my recent post here http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...or-Fiction
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
Trazadone causes severe nasal congestion for me.

The first post mentions both a P10 mask and full face. Those are very different. What are you really using?

Aerophagia has been a big challenge for my wife. We found that EPR=2 helped some.

The other key has just been accepting that she can’t go straight to the pressure she really needs. We started by finding the minimum pressure that she was most comfortable with, and setting the max just a little above that. Every week or two, I turn it up a little. One week I’ll raise the max one step. A week or two later I’ll raise the minimum. We are getting close to the right range, but we aren’t quite there yet.

Btw, it is common to have higher numbers if you aren’t sleeping well. This is commonly referred to as sleep wake junk.

The SD card must be no bigger than 32GB. SDHC is fine.
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
(12-22-2019, 12:44 PM)ApneaQuestions Wrote: Avoid the SDXC format.  Only vanilla SD works according to Resmed, but SDHC (up to 32Gb)  are apparently OK too according to the forum.

SDHC is what came with my machine. Works great
Download OSCAR <——— Click
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I though
Turn your phone sideways to see the entire User Control Panel if you continue to have problems seeing it after following the UserCP link. Phones tend to cut it off when in portrait.
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RE: 3 days in - not as easy as I thought
I found no problem with an SDXC card on Resmed.

See SDXC card

Resmed had no problems with an SDXC card, but unsurprisingly wasn't keen on the exFAT filesystems that these cards come with.

So it "fixed" it for you.
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