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3 weeks in and struggling
RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
In the clinical menu, don't forget to validate the change by pressing the radio nob.

Sorry, Airsense 11.
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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
Good Morning, it is here anyway.
The numbers are a little better last night.
In the clusters at 0200 and 0730, I had rolled partially onto my back and was tolerating the 3 tennis balls in 
my back. Got uncomfortable enough to finally wake me , to me it was just another ache, the joys of chronic pain.
My kidney belt wont be here till the 16th, so I will have to use the balls in the sock method till then.
I don't know why it shows 4, I had changed it just before I went to bed.
I am seriously thinking of changing to a pillow mask, thinking of an N20. I do get quite a few leaks at night that don't show 
on Oscar. I wake up to air hissing from the side of the mask, move a bit and adjust it.
I keep practicing the tongue against the roof of the mouth, maybe it is starting to help.

I do have a deviated septum so I don't know how much that could be affecting things.

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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
OK, maybe a chink of daylight not far off.

Pillows masks can seal very well. I have a Breveda which for me is pretty good. I think you will find the N20 (Air fit) is a nasal mask, not a pillows mask. 

Choosing a mask is a vital and complicated business to get it right. 

Maybe a good idea to look at YouTube reviews on masks, "Lanky Lefty" is pretty good. Lots on practical info available. 

I have had 5 or 6 different masks, including the N20. I was troubled with all of them with the blast of air from the exhalation ports. Now I have an F&P Breveda with a diffuser, which mufflers effectively this problem. There are lots of different options I think, so  careful research is really important. Again look at other peoples experiences on the forum. Useful "mask primer" on the board's wiki pages. A must. 

My Breveda has prongs that give a really excellent seal, but a again a matter of personal preference. 

I am a terrible mouth leaker so I have to use Cover Roll tape. Pretty good result for me.
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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
I am very lucky I found a clinic that will let me try out various masks.

I tried every full face that I could find as reports said they are the best at sealing.
I sure don't find that to be true, I hate shaving, I had to be clean-shaven for work, 
we had to put gas masks on occasion H2S, I swore that when I retired I would only shave once a week.
If I don't stay mostly clean-shaven, the mask leaks after 2nd day.

I will see if I can try a Breveda if they have one. I am definitely going to be trying different ones.
I have what some would call a boxer's nose, it has been broken a few times, finally got it repaired in my late twenties
after a lot of complaints about my snoring. I don't know how the wide nostrils will work with the pillow type.

I can't wear tape, I have to be able to talk with my wife during the night when the need arises so a 
the chin strap will have to work.

I know I open my mouth as I wake up with that terrible taste and a dry mouth. on occasion, thankfully it isn't very often.

Take care and thanks for all the help and encouragement.
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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
I have a full beard/mustache and the airfit F20 setup is the best for me (sealing around my facial hair)...
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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
My whiskers tend to grow straight out causing the leaks if they would lay down like they should
there would be a lot fewer problems. It takes about a week and a half before my whiskers start to lay flat.
As my wife says after I haven't shaved for a few days, she says I am a bristle brush. 
It sure wears out shirt collars in a hurry.
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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
OK, that sounds good.

It simplifies a lot, as mouth breathing/leaks issues are taken care of. One less thing to manage.
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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
Another night, getting better, I think.
Still tired as if I barely slept.
I was on my right side till close to midnight then switched to the left side, and switched back to the right somewhere around 0500 I think.
My wife said I was grinding my teeth before we got up around 0230.
I was brutal with teeth grinding before I started APAP, and broke a couple of teeth and an appliance.
Since I started APAP I had stopped  I think, I sure hope it isn't coming back.
I am wondering if I should be concerned with the CA and the CSR increase.

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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling
This is a little complicated. Let me mull it over and will come back tomorrow.
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RE: 3 weeks in and struggling

It appears that not much change has happened so far. I don't have enough knowledge to go any further, but somewhere along the Airways tract there is a section that is impairing your airflow. 

What you are doing now is good; a two track approach, avoiding sleeping on your back, and focusing on sleeping on your side, trying with and without a collar to see which is best. 

If this approach does not work, other options must be explored.

You could speak to your GP about a referral to an EMT doctor to perhaps inspect your upper airways, especially looking around the soft palate. I have seen references about fatty tissues that can impair air flow. Just a guess, but can't leave any stone unturned. 

It may be useful to research this subject somewhat to be as well prepared as possible having a general idea what it is all about. 

What may help is the YouTube channel of Dr Vik Veer. 

To quote Sherlock Holmes "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth". 

This quote doesn't quite tie in, but you get roughly what I mean! 

Oh, I nearly forgot —, teeth grinding. I saw some research on the relationship between teeth grinding and apnea by some Australian dentists. It is thought that the body is making attempts to   push the jaw forward to open the airways. Emulation of the the action of  mandibular advancement device for sleep apnea. Don't know if it is proven. 

That's really all I have. I am sure you will get there. 

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