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30 day check in time!
I've had my machine for a month.

I got a REMStar C+ flex machine with a heated house (don't use). *hoping that's right, can't find paper work*

Love the ramp function. My AHI is less than 1 most days. I was sick in early April and couldn't use it at all for two days.

My mask is the Amara view. No real problems when compared to the nightmare of my fitting trial, which did not include that mask. It is quiet, and have no real leaks per SleepyHead. The only problem is I have skin issues with anything plastic. So tomorrow I'm going in for a nasal mask or more hopefully a nasal pillow with a chin strap. There are no liners for the View, and am hoping to alternate between the two.

My first night I slept for 7 hours with an AHI of 2, and it has gotten better.

I feel better, not a 100%. That is expected, because I probably have had breathing issues my whole life due to a very screwed sinus and septum issues. Throat issues the doctor's have no clue. My neck isn't over 15 inches. I know this is a marathon not a spirit.

The one good thing is my blood pressure is down. That makes this aggravation well worth it.

I sound like an ungrateful wench. I was dragged kicking and screaming to get the study, waited forever for the machine, and I can't stand my doctor.


I'm lucky I could tolerate the machine from the get go. Lucky my DME handlers are a good bunch, have been nothing but patient and kind to me. Thrilled my blood pressure is down. If the machine keeps me from being a human door stop from a stroke at 60, I'll try my hardest to make this gig work.

My settings are

AHI <2 most nights.
I use CFlex at 2.
4 cmHg to 8 cmHg.
(Still getting used to SleepyHead data overload..lol.)
Humidity at 3
No huge leaks, and any leaks is due to head gear loosing up.

Amara View mask. I have no complaints with it.

Thank you all for the encouragement! I wouldn't have come this far without you.


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Glad to see it's working out for you! I saw your other post about how long it took to get everything. Good thing you were patient and persistent. Smile
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Good to hear that this is working out for you. Try to get a nasal pillow mask if you are going to make a change. I think you would feel more comfortable and would help with your skin allergies.
Good luck.
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(04-19-2015, 02:01 PM)worn_out_in_lebanon Wrote: Glad to see it's working out for you! I saw your other post about how long it took to get everything. Good thing you were patient and persistent. Smile

That's the nature of the beast around here. The quickest turn around time is maybe two months, and that's if you have a GP with some pull to get in.

Actually, the hardest thing was/is getting my head to accept that I needed the machine. I hate the Sleep Therapy Cabal with everything needing a prescription. I hate the insurance overlords monitoring compliance. The sleep specialist know they have you over a cliff. It's all their way or the high way, and while a GP could fiddler with settings etc...they won't. Mine almost refused to write the nasal mask script.

The bulk of my sleep specialist clientele is 70 and up. Most are really ill (multiple health issues) and don't raise a whole lot of hell. They come in with an adult child, and I'm sure they are exactly like my mom. The doctor is like the Wizard of Oz, don't look behind the curtain. None of these patients challenge the doctor on anything. I can hear the conversations because the walls are so thin.Oh-jeez

I'm 50, not an 80 year old who thinks doctors are God. I want to work with my doctor, not just accept everything at face value. The university sleep center deals with much younger patients, and I've heard some good things over there, so after my 90 days are up, off I go. Lol...

I hate being the squeaky wheel, but sometimes I have no choice.

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Hi Tawaki,
It's great to hear that your mask and machine are working out well for you. Keep up the good work.
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I go to my one month in the am. try the P10 pillows I can hardly tell I have them on (now if I could just keep my mouth shut )
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Glad your setup is working for you! Best of luck on your continued journey.
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