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A Newbe's adventure.
As regards the leaking tire, it may not be the tire that is leaking. It may be the wheel that is leaking. Not all wheels are completely air tight and without an inner tube it is the tire and the wheel that must hold the air. Another potential would be the area where the tire bead seats in the wheel and forms a seal. All this and the people that checked your tires may be completely correct (but maybe not forthcoming) that your tire is not leaking.

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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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Thanks PaytonA. I wondered about it being a problem with the wheel itself somehow. I am no mechanic nor is my husband. I don't believe it is a sensor problem because the tire wouldn't need air put back in when the sensor shows it has dropped. It definitely has a pattern though. When driving it on the road, the other tires will increase by a pound as they become warm. And so does the bad tire and stays consistent with the gap in pressure difference with the other tires for a day, then the next day the gap widens by 1 more lbs. Two days ago it was 6 lbs. apart but they were all consistent in changing up 1 lbs as the tires were warmed by driving it. Yesterday they were 7 lbs apart and today 8 lbs. apart.

I hope if it is the wheel itself or the way the tire sets that it can be resolved when they put a new tire on????
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Your leaky wheel.
The proper way to check for leaks is to remove the tire and wheel from the car and place it in a large tub of water and submerge it. While holding completely below the water look for small air bubbles. The source of the leak will become obvious. Only a select few tire shops seem to have a dunk tank with a mechanical/hydraulic device to hold the tire under water. It will be boyant and want to come to the surface.

Good luck with your fun weekend.
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Glad to hear you solved your CPAP problem so easily. I didn't close my humidifier lid correctly one of my first nights and couldn't get the machine to start. Saw the same message and have been very careful with it since then.

Hope your tire problem can be fixed before the move.
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OT on IMA's tire problem.

You said it was a new car. If that's the case, it's certainly the dealers obligation to find and fix the leak. It doesn't matter whether it's the wheel or the tire. Even if it's punctured, they should find it and then let you decide if you want to pay for them to fix it.

Granted, a 1 psi per day loss is going to be hard to find, but not impossible.
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Thanks SleepyDreamCatcher. I have been on CPAP 6 months now and still have little bumps in the road with it. Glad for this forum and so many willing to help each other out, encouraging each other, sharing our experiences and laughs. Enjoyed your story. Sorry to have slightly hi-jacked your thread about my tire problem. Not my intent but glad to have input from others that know something about it. I have concluded many times over that there are very knowledgeable folks on this forum in all different walks of life. It is a pretty cool place!

Thanks bwexler. I guess I assumed that was how it was checked. We took it to a nationally known chain the first time and to the dealership service center the next time to be checked. The dealership indicated they had turned it all around so I had pictured in my mind it was in a tank of water but I don't know that for sure. Not thrilled with the prospect of driving it any distance with my daughter with this issue.
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I have been woken up by the sound of both of my machines hitting the floor. Luckily it was a small drop and no damage was done (other than scaring one of the cats).

As I don't use a heated hose I went to a longer one (10 feet) which is available from any of the suppliers on the supplier list. I talked with my DME and got my replacement hose changed to 10 ft instead of the 6. The both cost the same. With the longer hose, I am able to use a "hose buddy" which allows me to run it up and over the headboard so it comes down instead of across. I have also used a velcro wiring strip to attach it to the upright of the headboard (it is mission style) to provide another attachment point so I won't move the machine.

Personally, I would be hesitant of putting it under the bed. We have two cats that have made us their servants and it is not pretty under the bed (if you know what I mean). If you put your unit just under the edge of the bed, it may not be bad, but expect to change a lot of filters.

We have all done some fun things with our machines, which some are too embarrassed to admit. I once slept with my old nasal mask and never turned the machine on. I did the mask check and then turn it off. Slept the whole night and felt fine in the morning. Definitely was a mouth breather that night. Laugh-a-lot

Hang in there, You have the right attitude about your new buddy and should be successful!
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Agree with you Bama Rambler. We have called them twice this week since having it in there last Friday. They haven't returned calls and they are aware we needed to drive it to D.C. this weekend. The dealer is 60 miles away from where we live. Had to take time off work last week to take it and have it looked at last week. Not happy campers with them. We have bought three vehicles in the last two years from them. My husband's last year, my car in February and my daughter's car in March. My husband is putting pressure on them to make this right. The service dept. said they can't do anything about tires. Husband finally called the sales person we dealt with yesterday morning and he said he would look into it. They haven't called us back since we called them yesterday morning. This morning the warning light came back on. It had 32 lbs last Friday when they put air in and this morning down to 24. Yesterday it was 27 lbs. but it was a warmer day. All the tires are down a few lbs today with the cooler weather.
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