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A couple of newbie questions
So I just got my AirSense 10 on Tuesday and have a couple of questions.

First, do I need a special SD card to work in the device? I had an old one floating around here and when I tried it, I just got an SD card error.

Second, how long after starting therapy can I expect to see my AHI fall?

I really struggled with everything for the first three nights, so much so that I actually used it less each successive night.  I was hearing gurgling in my hose, my nose was hurting, and it seemed to take so much more than the normal amount of effort to breath in and out. But yesterday, after reading some advice on this board, I switched to the larger size pillows and last night was so much better. 

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Welcome paulag1955. Nice to hear you already got some benefits from reading the posts here. For the gurgling in the hose, make sure you don't over-fill the humidifier container,and route your hose so it rises from the machine. This lets any water that accumulates drain back. I keep my machine in the bottom drawer of a bedside cabinet, and route the hose upward to a lanyard that supports the hose from the headboard, then back down to the bed and my mask. That keeps things from being tangled. Finally a fleece hose cover adds comfort and a heated hose eliminates any potential condensation. All of these are inexpensive and easily available.

If you are recycling a SD card, it would be best to format it to FAT32 in your computer. If it is 2-16 GB in size, it should work fine after a quick format. Make sure the card lock is unlocked if equipped.

[Image: 11.jpg]
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Thanks, Sleeprider. I am using a heated hose and I was able to fix the gurgling problem by raising the hose temp. It may be that the SD card is just...really old. I had to dig around in my husband's desk to find it.
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Hi paulag1955,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck with CPAP therapy, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Thanks for the welcome, Trish! 

No worries...I'm a patient person. (Can you see my daughters silently rolling their eyes?)
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Did you reformat the SD card? If yes, then that should do it.

When placing it in the cpap machine, it should be unlocked (see Sleeprider's photo) so that the machine can record data onto it.

When using the SD card in your computer to upload data to SleepyHead, it should be locked. This prevents the computer from writing anything onto the card. If that happens, you'll get an error when putting it into the cpap machine.
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I did not reformat it, because, having dug it out of my husband's desk, I wasn't entirely sure it was empty. I ordered a new one that I should receive today.

I'm still wondering about how soon I should see my AHI go down, because it hasn't really gone down at all. Friday night my AHI was 11 and last night it was 9.5.
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After your able to download SleepyHead and post a chart someone here will give you a better idea of whats going on.
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Got it, thanks!
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(12-17-2017, 11:49 AM)paulag1955 Wrote: I'm still wondering about how soon I should see my AHI go down, because it hasn't really gone down at all. Friday night my AHI was 11 and last night it was 9.5.
AHI can be affected by so many things besides the machine use (such as sleep position). When you are able to post your data, that will enable folks here to see what is contributing to your AHI.
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