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A question on teamed nasal pad
I was recommended to try the resmed nasal pad with my f&p simplus mask to help stop leaks

My pressure is 15 and the only way to stop leaks is to do the straps up tight. I would like to loosen them a bit

I know people say looser may he better but I have not found that to be the case. Hence the recommendation.

I may get the green face saying it is s good fit but a leaky mask is very annoying and keeps me awake. I also find if not tight the mask moves in the night, I think.

Any way I got one of those pads.

First opinion
They are useless and cause more leakage
I may be fitting it incorrectly as there are no instructions on fitting a mask over them.
The nose bit seems ok just the leaks from the bits sticking out under the mask cushion. Are the wings of the pad supposed to stick out under the mask cushion. Can't see how they can't and this is what causes the leaks.

Does any one have pictures of the nasal pad with a mask on. This would help.

Thanks for any help
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I use the Simplus too. In my experience: Loose is better at lower pressures. Once you get up above 12 or so, the pressure our the sides overwhelm the pressure keeping the seal against your skin. So you need to tighten the straps to compensate. I have tried a gel pad (Google CPAP Seal). It sounded great. It is very, very sticky. How could it not work? I found it uncomfortable, prone to moving, and it ended up making the leaks worse. So good by to the gel and hello to tighter straps. My leaks are minimal and I sleep well.
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I agree

I tried cutting it so it might fit better

The good thing now is it is completely stuffed now and I will throw it out and not worry about it any more

What makes my situation a bit worse is I have had a broken nose leaving a bump around the bridge if my nose. I have to sitthdnask a bit lower. I use the medium mask which puts the bottom a bit lower than recommended but the small mask is to small.

I have found that if the hose can be held closer to my chest I get a better seal
To help that it would be good if the bit that connects to the hose and can rotate around the frame could be fixed.

I put a couple of rubber bands around it to see if that helps

See pic. I will try this tonight


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I have used the CPAP seal for about 2-1/2 months and had good success with it. It's a bit tricky to get it lined up, but once I do, it works great for me.
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My pressure is up around 20 and my goto mask is the Resmed Mirage Quattro. I also use the Simplus mask. the first thing you must do is to fit the mask at the highest pressure that it will see. I understand that the mask fit feature will allow you to accomplish this. The common practice is to leave the forehead stabilizer very loose. Due to the fact that the bridge of my nose is set back pretty far from my forehead, I need to get the forehead stabilizer fairly tight against my forehead or the self adjusting seal at the bridge of the nose will not reach my nose well enough to seal.

I played around with cushion sizes. The sizer said that I needed a medium so that is what I got initially. After trying it for a while, I decided that I wanted to try something that sealed further down my nasal bridge so I tried a small. I did some comparison testing and decided that I was less prone to leaks with the medium. The medium rests in the notch between my lower lip and my chin (with my mouth completely closed) and the seal at the nasal bridge is right up against the rise from my nasal bridge to my forehead.

One thing that I found that reduces the fiddling that I must do to minimize leakage is as follows. When I put the mask on to go to bed and I turn the machine on, I wait until the pressure comes up and then I pull the mask slightly away from my face so I just start to get leakage most of the way around and then I lower it back onto my face. This ensures that the seals get fully inflated which gives them their maximum sealing power.

Another thing that helps some people maintain a seal is to remove the skin oils from their face in the area that the seals are going to rest on. You need to have good friction between your skin and the seal or it makes it easier for the seal to blow out.

And yes my straps must be reasonably tight. At higher pressures you can forget about "float like a butterfly" but you sure better "sting like a bee". But only tighten your straps as much as is absolutely necessary.

Well that is about all I can think of right now.

Hope some of this helps.

Best regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thanks all

Last night with my rubber band mod I did get some leakage at different times in the night
A value of 6 at 95% , including 5 large leaks
It allcame in a couple of bursts
Looks like I may have had a bit of mask trouble
The straps were tight , I am still seeing the indents on one side

My ahi went up to 3.3, up a bit.

i guess the main thing is I slept and did not spend all night fussing with the mask.

As mentioned due to a nose break I wear the masks just below the bridge of my nose, this causes the bottom of the mask to sit at the bottom of my chin just below where they recommend

I may try a small mask to see how that goes but reckon that it would be to small

Thanks again
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The small is just shorter from the nose bridge to the chin.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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I used to use this mask, to get a seal on the bridge of my nose I would turn on the pressure, lift the mask slightly and pull it towards my chin with bridge seal in full contact with my nose. This would put more force on the silicone that forms the nose seal and get it to set better.

This is also the reason I switched to the Amara View, could not tolerate the nose pressure very well
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