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A simple fix for OSCAR and Daylight Saving time
A simple fix for OSCAR and Daylight Saving time
I'm new to CPAP (2 months).  Back in February I was using my Resmed 10 to do some at-home titration studies, where I wore a pulse oximeter and also verified my sleeping position using a motion-activated camera. I was doing this because I was diagnosed using an at-home test that was just a glorified pulse oximeter, and then sent an APAP set to factory defaults. Also, my Resmed 10 has no modem, so the only way data ever gets off of it is through the SD card, and the only way the time is ever set is through me manually syncing it with my phone. Easy enough, though the internal clock on my Resmed 10 seems to drift by about 3 seconds per day, which is actually quite a lot.

I took notes on what I observed in my DIY sleep studies (I used the 45 minute ramp to study a span of pressures in one night), and I time-marked those in my notes.

Now in March, if I go back and look at my notes and at that data in OSCAR, the time displayed on the screen has shifted by an hour. This looks like OSCAR is seeing the timestamps, and knowing that now things are off by an hour from that, and so applying that fix retroactively to the past data. It should not be doing that.

Edit to add: the time shown on the waveform plots is updated incorrectly. The time shown at the center of the screen at the bottom, corresponding to the cursor position, is correct. So this looks like it is an actual bug, or at least a discrepancy between two different bits of the code handling time in two different ways. End edit.

Is there a setting that I'm not seeing that would just turn off OSCAR caring about Daylight Saving Time altogether? Because I just set the clock on my Resmed manually the morning after the time change, the same way I did for the clock on my oven.

If the setting actually isn't there, I think I may download the source code and build my own fork that is less DST-aware. I've got another fix I want OSCAR to have, regarding zooming out using the right click. It's really  simple, and I'm surprised it isn't already in there- when you right click to zoom out on the right side of a waveform graph, you zoom out toward the left, which is backwards. This seems like it should be a simple fix, unless these waveform plots are using some other plotting library, which is entirely possible.

Maybe one of these two fixes would be appreciated by others.

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RE: A simple fix for OSCAR and Daylight Saving time
The OSCAR team would be very interested in looking at the fixes you propose. There is a link to the Gitlab repo at the bottom of the OSCAR download page, which is linked in the OSCAR menu item in the black bar at the top of the page here.
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