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A step in the right direction, I hope....
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A step in the right direction, I hope....
Hi Everyone,
As you know I have been trying to learn how to improve my numbers over the past three weeks or more and I think that I have made a positive change that will help in the future.
My story so far is a struggle with FFM (Amara View and Simplus) and high AHI even though it is an improvement on an AHI of 72 and an oxygen level of 75% during my Sleep Study. Over the first 25 days of treatment my average AHI has been 12.75, 60% or more being CAs, and I have felt that I was spending more time awake fighting leaks than I was sleeping. I did, however, feel better than I used to during the day so I know there are better times coming and will stick at it.
All my research has been with the help of this forum, thanks Apnea Board, and while I was reading peoples success stories I came across Saldus's story. I quickly recognized that he had already gone through what I am experiencing and decided that I would take a short cut and jump to the solution that he was currently finding successful. Being the impatient person that I am I sent Saldus a pm and asked him for the name of the Nasal Pillow and chin strap he is using. A radical change but I had to do something.
The company that is supplying my machine etc. has a policy whereby you can try as many masks as you need to in the first 30 days but, unfortunately, they did not have the exact products I wanted in stock. So, three nights ago I started using the Swift FX Nasal Pillow and a ResMed Chin Strap.
Night one - [attachment=1827]I used the large pillows and slept all night (except for one wake-up early in the morning) and had no leaks over the 24 L/min acceptable limit but my AHI was 15.43. Despite this high AHI I was ecstatic.
Night two - [attachment=1828]I was so happy about the leaks I went to sleep expecting the best. I had an awful night. There were five times over night when I got to the point that I was so frustrated with the leaks it caused me to turn off the machine. I felt like I was awake most of the night but then miraculously my AHI was 2.76. I don't understand.
Night three - [attachment=1829]So last night I watched more videos and despite the size of my face came to the conclusion that I should try the medium pillows that were supplied with the swift. I slept well but when I looked at Sleepyhead in the morning I had three periods of major leaks. I don't understand as I only woke up once and then my number was 7.59. Still a great improvement but I am having trouble trying to understand the numbers.
The one thing I do believe is that the change to nasal pillows has been a step in the right direction. My AHI is lower, particularly the number of CAs. They have fallen dramatically and the leaks are much improved. I think that if I take note of all the advice that is available on the Apnea Board I can improve even further but I would ask you all two things:
1) Is the change I have made a reasonable step to have taken or did I rush things?
2) Is there anything in the numbers that you, with all your experience, have picked up on that will help me improve the numbers even further.
Thanks Saldus, you have been a great help and once again let me thank you all in advance for the help I am sure I will get in your responses.



Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
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11-02-2015 05:14 PM
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RE: A step in the right direction, I hope....
I hope too ... good luck
I haven't used Resmed chinstrap but the Ruby adjustable chinstrap is good one
11-02-2015 05:48 PM
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RE: A step in the right direction, I hope....
Greetings! Kudos for being proactive, AND sticking with it!

I like the Swift nasal pillows, and have tried the small, medium and large. I have stayed with the medium, but I know of at least one adviser on this board that switches between at least two sizes regularly.

Is it possible that the hose is getting pulled on during the night? I note the ResMed Swift FX does not have the option of clipping the hose onto the head gear.

I have tried clipping the tube to my PJs, which I didn't care for, and clipping the tube on the top of the headgear - which I MUCH prefer.

Just a thought - you might want to try routing the hose up over your head with a hose holder of some sort. Lots of ideas, and gadgets, on how to do this. Some folks use a pulley system, some use bungee cords, etc.

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11-02-2015 07:52 PM
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RE: A step in the right direction, I hope....
Indeed, you are making a step in the right direction. Steady usage and the willingness to adjust to new changes will only improve your AHI numbers and sleep quality. Mask adjustments are an ongoing endeavor. There are tons of home-grown innovations out there. I have a Respironics Nuance Pro pillows that I swap around with and I have the tube attached to the center of the top strap with a 8" long narrow piece of Velcro wrapped around it. Works great for me. Good Luck and keep going..

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11-02-2015 09:26 PM
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