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ACA aka Obamacare: Share your story!
Since the mods have let the tread stand (with relocation to off topic)...
I feel for the OP.
I think the ACA is poorly written and unworkable; I detest it.
I feel that SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts erred in his opinion that ruled the ACA Constitutional;
It's totally unconstitutional to force a citizen to buy any private product.
The ACA was designed to fail -- to lead to a single payer, national healthcare system such as that in Britain.

I have my flame suit on!
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Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~

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(03-14-2014, 10:23 AM)justMongo Wrote: The ACA was designed to fail -- to lead to a single payer, national healthcare system such as that in Britain.

This is the only conclusion I can come to.
(03-14-2014, 08:33 AM)SuperSleeper Wrote: Again, please read this stickie post on rules for posting in this forum:


Heated discussions will occur here in the Off-Topic forum, that's one of the reasons as to why we put this forum here in the first place. If members don't want to read what's posted here, they should not come to the Off-Topic Forum. Also, as stated in my link above, members can choose to put another member on their "ignore" list. Our Moderators take a hands-off approach to threads in this forum, unless a rule has been broken or the thread becomes excessively disruptive. That has not happened in this thread yet. All that I've seen so far has been an expression of personal opinion.

We don't shut down or close threads in the Off-Topic forum simply because someone expresses an opinion that is controversial, political or religious in nature.

Remember: this Off-Topic Forum is separate from the Main Apnea Board Forum for a reason. We allow much greater latitude and freedom here.

Thanks for your understanding.

Oh, I think it will be going on for a while.....Big Grin

Don in Austin
WAHPF told me that they would have their decision on my coverage by Thursday (3/13). They didn't send me anything, so Friday I called in and waited on hold forever and when I finally talked to a person... they told me it could be weeks. I mentioned that I was told this would be handled by yesterday and then they said they saw it was marked urgent, but would still not realistically be dealt with for weeks.

Meantime, I got a very large hospital bill hanging over my head and no coverage for future appointments and the meds they tell me that I need.

Once I get a decision from them, I will post it here so that future readers will have full disclosure.

(read the following in the voice of Ron Swanson off Parks and Recreation)

For the most part, I think we are all adults here and realize that this country is full of people with diverse backgrounds and opinions. I am not in the least offended by someone stating an opinion opposite of mine. Our country has always been the great experiment. I vote, and so I feel I should be allowed to complain. I realize others vote against things that I have voted for, while frustrating at times, this is just part of our system.

Please don't confuse patriotism with love of government. I love my country, but I want my government to serve the people, not the other way around. I also think our government should be much smaller, more efficient, and less meddlesome.

I think the list of rules the government has for its citizens should pretty much be as short as the list of rules we gave them to found our government, the rest are blatant forms of tyranny and oppression. A true democracy is nothing but mob rule, a republic acknowledges that certain rights of the people cannot be infringed by the rule of the majority. Otherwise, our system is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

Queue the National Anthem and let's keep one eye on Old Glory while the other glares with contempt at anyone who doesn't remove their hat and cover their heart. Goodnight my fellow Americans and God Bless America!

If you don't know who Ron (Nick Offerman) is, here are some samples.


You should go to website of the manufacturer of your meds. They generally give them at no charge for people with no insurance coverage. Also there are prescription cards out there that at least give discounts. Not having your meds is a serious issue so I hope that you look into this today and get the paperwork off the manufacturer's site and start filling it out. Sorry this is happening to you

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(03-14-2014, 10:23 AM)justMongo Wrote: It's totally unconstitutional to force a citizen to buy any private product.
The ACA was designed to fail -- to lead to a single payer, national healthcare system such as that in Britain.
I don,t know about the constitution but I know there is nothing wrong with the British health care system, everyone should have access to free health care and education and Coffee

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