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AHI 15.91 on first full night of CPAP
Hi. I have had my first full night of CPAP therapy. Managed 7h 17m and took off at 4:33 am. Here are stats:

AHI: 15.91
Periodic Breathing: 6.31
Large Leak: 0%
Clear Airway: 9.33
Obstructive: 3.02
Hyponea: 3.57
RERA: 1.65
Flow Limitation: 0.27
Vibratory Snore: 0%
Vibratory Snore: (VS2) 0,69
Pressure Pulse: 15.09

Pressure Min: 8
Pressure Med: 10.09
Pressure 95%: 13.20
Pressure Max: 13.70

I actually feel more awake and alert than I have in a while, but man, I could feel my lungs hurting when I awoke at 4:30, which I guess makes sense as it was a bit of a work out for my lungs I suppose. I "slept" a few more hours after taking the mask off.

Thoughts on these numbers? I think the goal was to bring AHI down to the 5 mark.

Thanks Smile
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Hey wayne99 sounds like you are on the right track, but need to fine tune settings. Perhaps downloading SleepyHead and posting screenshots will help the knowledgeable ones comment on how to do this.
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Wayne these results are not something to be alarmed about after one night. Your obstructive apnea index shows a remarkable improvement over your untreated condition, and it is likely the clear events are mostly sleep disruptions that are normal in early adaptation to CPAP. Give it more time, and after 2-3 nights, I suggest you increase minimum pressure to equal your median or average pressure. That will narrow your therapeutic range and should stop most of the remaining OA and H events. Hopefully you will also see a reduction in CA. It's too early to judge whether that is significant at this point.

After your next post you will be able to post links and attachments. It's great to see you are engaged and using Sleepyhead. You will soon stabilize and become more comfortable with CPAP and we can better judge a good course of action. It's very encoraging you don't have a significant leak problem, and had a restful night with over 7-hours of use. Great start!
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Hello wayne99. Congratulations on a good first night. I wasn't able to do much over 4 hrs a night for several nights when I first started.

I notice you have a DreamStation CPAP Pro, which is what I use. You have a pressure range listed. Are you running it in C-Check or A-Trial?

Good luck with the continued good progress.

"....respiration,—a troublesome practice, but one which custom has rendered necessary to our easy existence...." Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens- 1837

I use FlashPAP to load data from a FlashAir III wifi sd card in my machine to my computer and display it with SleepyHead .
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Hello wayne99.
-Welcome to the forum.
-You got the best result than you can get with CPAP: you feel better.
-One night doesn't means nothing.

Here goes my advice:

[/size]Give it a tray at least for a week, and let' see. Do not change any setting.

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Hi pupcamper. I am on the trial on auto. I have a follow up sleep study that will include the mask in a week. I meet with the sleep physician in January, at which time the trial will end and I purchase the new equipment.

Sounds encouraging that you had a few four hour nights before going all night. It certainly feels a shock to the system a bit.
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It does take time to get used to. My advice would be to hold out for an auto machine instead of a straight cpap machine when it comes time to buy your machine. It can function as a cpap or apap, doesn't cost much more and you can use it to self titrate like you are doing now. The CPAP Pro only offers 30 days of Auto trial and then it's gone. It shouldn't be a problem if you stick to your guns. I wish I had known to do that when I purchased mine.

Good luck

"....respiration,—a troublesome practice, but one which custom has rendered necessary to our easy existence...." Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens- 1837

I use FlashPAP to load data from a FlashAir III wifi sd card in my machine to my computer and display it with SleepyHead .
robysue's Beginner's Guide to SleepyHead
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Wayne, my first month saw AHIs from 12 to 32 and like you I wondered what the hell was going on. I'm now regularly below 2 and have readings under 1. It was a process of trial and error to get to what would work for me. The folks on this forum were highly instrumental in helping me achieve that and they will also do the same for you. Keep posting so we can assist you to achieve that better nights sleep and remember that there is no such thing as a silly question.
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Thanks all for your encouragement.
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Looking at a single night's worth of data is like using a single day's worth of gas use and declaring that your vehicle's mpg.

We look at trends. And since this is your very beginning, that first data block will need to be longer than usual. Leave everything alone for at about a month. So much of you has to adjust to this thing. Noise, mask, air blowing on face, new routine, new habits. Then your body and brain are also being assaulted with this experience called "sleep". Some of us take to that like fish to water. Others have problems.

So leave the pressure alone and instead deal with everything else.
how's the mask working out?
how is the humidity level?
is your machine in a safe place each night?
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