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AHI Went up, CA all over, Solution found
Hello everyone,

Last two weeks I noticed my AHI going up into the 6/7 range I had a mask that was leaking and I replaced it but last 3-4 days my AHI Went up to 8.8 , I had headaches in the mornings, sandy dry eyes, sleepiness..

I went to the doctor for a physical and mentioned to him, he checked in my nose and said i had something deviated that could be contributing to my breathing problems so i have a referral to the throat and nose clinic to see if theres any recommendations they may have.

When i put my SD Card in the sleepyhead program I was surprised and concerned about the multiple Central Apneas i had in clusters, my pie chart was in equal thirds, oa, ca, hypo. and being the paranoid guy i ame I started wondering if my problem was central.

I watched this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3L2KoS7LCuI and it helped me realized centrals are not my case so I just moved my cpap next to my living room couch and slept last two nights sitting down, even do is uncomfortable my AHI went down to 4.0 and a few are false positives.

So it appears my problem is the position i sleep in, i tried the side but no help, the only thing that works gor me is sitting up.

my question is: does anyone here have the same issue? how do you manage? buy an adjustable bed? or is there some sort of pillow that works?

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I presume your doctor identified a deviated septum which is very common. I have it as do many others. For me it causes enough obstruction that I breath through the mouth when exercising and generally feel congested quite a bit of the time; however it is relieved by nasal pillows and pressure, so it is not a problem for PAP therapy.

Positional apnea is common, and the trick is to figure out what position(s) are a problem for you. One way to do that is to use an inexpensive night camera to record your position through the night and sync that with the events from Sleepyhead. Once you know what position(s) are a problem you can perhaps find a better solution than sleeping in a chair. A wedge under your mattress or adjustable bed may also accomplish the same thing and be a better long-term solution. Good luck.
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Several of us here have had the surgery to straighten our septum and also trim our lower turbinates to improve airflow. The surgery is quite minor, but you will have a blocked nose for the first few days or week (depends on when your surgeon removes the splints). I have noticed a big benefit from this. I have not idea if this would help with side sleeping, but you may want to consult an ENT doctor.
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Just in case, I don't remember if I have brought this up before with you or not, I had one heck of a time starting CPAP because it was like the apnea's would start as soon as Laid down. Turns out I have COPD and SA, once I got treated for COPD (inhaler 2x a day) the machine started to work for the SA. If there is a chance you have COPD, I would get it checked out. COPD is a positional thing only, well my minor COPD is anyway. COPD feels vey much like SA, but you are awake and laying down. CPAP does nothing to help COPD.
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My AHI varies and I really have no clue why it is this way. I do have an adjustable bed and I've tried all the positions that the bed has, and the one that works the best for me is an elevation of about 30%. It seems to keep my ahi under 2.0 most of the time.
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Thank you for your responses, i checked into the copd symptoms and i dont have them, also yad a chest xray done recently which had nothing.

Ill look for a shim pillow and try that on bed, im also losing weight
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I've put blocks on my head-side posts of the bed to make things more comfortable. It's unfortunate that there's such a large price jump to get into fully adjustable beds. Often, people might like a bed frame that can manually bend and leave, rather than adjusting it frequently with the press of a button. I know someone who's just happy to switch to his Lazyboy recliner at 2am for his second sleep-shift. He's been doing that for 10 years no.
Sleep Apnea has given me a terrible memory. Please forgive me if I've repeated myself.
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I am better on my side, however, I can NOT lay on my side more than half hour due to joint pain, shoulders, back, in addition to circulation issues, my TOP arm goes completEly numb.

I am currently sleeping on a recliner....my numbers very greatly. I sometimes feel my chin is tucked down too much which makes it worse. Tried a neck brace but could not sleep with it. Tried a neck pillow and couldn't sleep with that. Can't find a position that helps. I'm beyond frustrated. I need sleep.
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Well I went by Walmart this weekend and bought a wedge pillow for $20, i put it on top of the matress and two more regular soft pillows on top, being back on the bed is much nicer than the couch and my numbers for AHI are a steady 4.0 - 4.5 now
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ezdrifler glad to hear things are getting better!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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