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AHI plus CENTRAL AI equals ???
Can the reported hourly AHI and Central AI numbers be added together to give the total number of events/hour where the user stopped breathing for at least 10 seconds?? Huhsign
Using the AirSense 10 AUTOSET.
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AHI determined by adding the number of apnea events (obstructive, central, unknown) and hypopnea

An apnea has to last 10 seconds or more to be scored, ResScan shows the duration of apnea in seconds

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Nope. The AHI is the total of all A(Apnea) and H(Hypopnea) per hour. Within the Apnea portion of this, there are OA (obstructive apnea) and Clear Airway Apnea (halts in breathing that do not seem to be obstructive).

One suggested reason there are Clear Airway Apnea is that you simply decide (perhaps sub-consciously) not to breath. The reason given is that the Central Nervous System has incorrectly not stimulated a breath when it should. These occurrences are called Central Apneas.

Hope this didn't just confuse you.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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AI = Apnea Index

AI + Hypopneas Index = AHI

AI ....... Is made up of Central AI and Obstructive AI

Events per hour is just a different way to say AHI

On the sleep report you might see AI which is total Apnea Index and then you might see Central AI which is the portion of the total AI that was composed of Centrals (same as Clear Airway).......then added to the total AI is Hypopneas to give you AHI.

As an example I might wake up and see my AHI at 2.2

My AI might be 1.2 and Central AI is .5

So in that case with a little subtraction if total AI is 1.2 and Central AI was .5 that means my Obstructive Apnea was .7

So the total AI of 1.2 (made up of .5 Central and .7 Obstructive) and 1.0 Hypopneas Index total up to my AHI of 2.2

And remember to have the period on the detailed sleep report set to one day for the numbers to make sense......if it's set for another period like one month the last night figures won't make sense.
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To clarify my last sentence............in order for the "Events Per Hour" (AHI) at the top of the sleep report screen to match the AHI lower on the sleep report (more Info section) you have to have the period set for one day. If you use a different period say for instance one month on the more info section you'll then be getting averages for the period selected.

Be aware on your Airsense machine that if power is removed from the machine, ie. Unplugged, or power failure, the period in the more info section will default back to one month......that has tripped a few people up when trying to match the events per hour for last sleep session with the AHI figure in the more info area of the on-screen sleep report.
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