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AHI tripled for no apparent reason, sleepinez and headaches are back
After getting my cpap it went down yo 3.5-7 AHI, all of a sudden after 3 weeks im at 14.5 ahi, i tried all my tricks, going to bed early, not eating late, moving my pressure back and fort, sleeping sitting down, on a side...

Cant get it back down.. I did had some arguments at the house the maybe drained me physocologically...

Again I feel sleepy, not concentrating, irritable, headaches.
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I see you're using SleepyHead. What is it reporting?
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yesterday over 14.0 today over 10.0

i got almost no os
a ton of hypos
a few clear airway
no mask leaks
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Here are the screenshots, today i took a power nap of one hour and it went down, the night before yesterday I dotn even remember taking my mask off in the middle of the night, I had to put it back on at 4:00 am

[Image: beforeyesterday.jpg]

[Image: today.jpg]

[Image: yesterday.jpg]
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I'm going to guess that you haven't been sleeping well at all. There is no doubt that emotional conflict has a major impact on ones ability to sleep. I think it's showing up in your graphs. I suggest that you may be being affected by something of that nature and when you satisfactorily resolve that issue, all else will return to normal. JMHO

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For the most part, the events are obstructive, and they begin while your machine is at 6.0 pressure, and the machine never catches up. Abundant snores, hypopnea and OA, and once the machine finally reaches 10 cm, the OA gives way to CA (2/23). Again on 2/25 short session, you're doing just fine until your machine drops to 6.0 at 16:50, and you end up in obstructive events that make this short session unacceptable. The 2/24 session is loaded with obstructive hypopnea while machine pressure is low and CA when pressures are near their peak.

You need to calm all this down by raising your minimum pressure. By getting ahead of obstructive events, you may avoid the machine fluctuations that seem to result in CA. I would not suggest lowering the max APAP pressure. From what I see, I'd try 7.5 as a minimum, and observe for a few days.
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My prescription is 5-10, I kicked it up to 6, Ill try 7.5-10 tonight and post the results tomorrow, thanks
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Let us know how it works out. Overall, your results aren't terrible, but there is room for improvement. It looks like some of it is a matter of adapting. The reduced range should help in this case. Good luck.
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Ok here are my results of the 7.5 increase.

The AHI went down to 5, I have to mention as you can see it shows a short nap i took with minimum of 6 and then the sleep overnight at 7.5.

Today I will have the reading of stricktly 7.5 minimum and see what that results to.

This may have done the trick, ill post the results tomorrow.

[Image: today.jpg]
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Looks better, but still a lot of hypopnea. You improved flow limitation and OA. It's best to let this change settle in before making further changes, but the residual events still look obstructive for the most part. What is your A-Flex setting?
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