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APAP better than CPAP for REM Apnea?
(05-16-2017, 08:25 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: You mention that you have REM stage apnea.  It would be so much more appropriate for you to have an auto CPAP that delivered higher pressure when you need it, then reduced pressure at other times.  This is something to bring up with your doctor so that when this machine is ultimately replaced, he has it in his notes that auto CPAP might be a better choice.  Your pressure needs seem to change through the night, so auto is better.  

I look forward to your report with the P10 pillows.  I think you will find the lower pressure goes further with this than the full face.

So, till I get my USB for deeper anlaysis, below are scores and report from Resmed Myair
  • 7:11 usage hours  70/70Good mask seal    10/201.2 events per hour 5/54 mask on/off         1/5Total myAir score    86/1001.2 events is not bad for CPAP of 14. I shall stay on that tonight with pillows and see what the night brings me. I was instinctively of the view that APAP would suit me more than CPAP. The experiments of the last few nights particularly with the CPAP setting at 12 resulting in 13.9 events confirm that, does it not?? It has been useful for me just to make that case. I shall definitely take print outs from Sleepyhead for my next hospital appointment. The lady from Resmed seems to think that in the greatest of probability the NHS has a lot of CPAP Airsense 10s which are cheaper as APAP is newer technology and more expensive relatively. BUT it has been around for 5 years!!!The NHS had been hit by this recent Cyber attacks with many elective surgeries affected. I shall give them some breathing space(all pun intended) before contact as I believe they were told not to turn on their PCs.
Sleep tight, all of you.............
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Hi all

I have great news!!

Pillows with cervical collar, auto ramp, EPR 3, CPAP 8-14 produced the below from Resmed MyAir Reports:-

7.23 hours usage - 70/70
good mask seal   - 20/20
2.8 events/hr       - 5/5
7 mask on/off      - 0/5
Total score          - 95/100

Have to say, I did feel some leaks from my mouth - so must have woken to adjust. I did find it hard to fall asleep probably due to it being a strange new feeling and was possibly awake for 4 hours due to anxiety but finally slept for another 3.5 hours. Actually felt good on awakening and colleagues noticed I was very chirpy today.

Still am interested to see detail from Sleepyhead. Have to wait for that USB reader for that.

Am going to stay with my settings for a few more nights and hope to discuss my results with you guys when I report from Sleepyhead possibly in a few days.

Till then, thanks so much everybody for all the help, expertise, support to bring me to near human again......
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If your mouth leaks persist, you may wish to look into an adjustable Ruby chinstrap.

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The frequent mask on/off is a reflection of a lot of sleep disruption during the night. I think your therapy is going the right direction, but it would sure help if you didn't have so many breaks. What do you think are the major cause of resetting the machine, rather than adjusting with the mask on, and continuing?
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congrats on being chirpy and the 100% on mask seal, usage time, and AHI!  If you were only getting 2 hours of sleep at 20 minutes a piece, you'll find 3.5 hours of fairly continuous sleep, simply marvelous  Lolabove

now you know you don't have to worry, and sleep may come earlier tonite.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
You'll note I am listed as an Advisory Member. I am honored to be listed as such. See the fine print - Advisory Members as a group provide advice and suggestions to Apnea Board administrators and staff concerning Apnea Board operation and administrative policies. Membership in the Advisory Member group should not be understood as in any way implying medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
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Hi guys

Firstly, report from last night. I slept solidly from 11.30pm last night till 6am. Resmed Myair report below.

6.18 hours usage - 63/70..........only cos I had to wake up earlier to attend meeting in another town otherwise would have slept on
good mask seal - 20/20..........can you believe this???
0.1 events/hr - 5/5.............whoopeeeeee!!!!!!!!
1 mask on/off - 5/5..............adjustment at onset and not in middle of night
Total score - 93/100

Even that 1 mask on/off was at the beginning of the night when I had some irritation at my nose.

Sleep rider, with using the FFM the cold air blowing in my face, the leaks and the farting noises irritated me. So I would take the mask off. I suppose I would reset the machine as adjusting the mask whilst it was still blowing was difficult.

I shall learn how to adjust the nasal pillows without re-setting the machine if doing that will help my therapy. Like others have written, it appears that we can re-learn things for e.g., I do not recall air blowing out of my mouth last night as I went to bed pressing my tongue against the front of my teeth and resting it tight against the roof of my mouth. I hope to remember to do that tonight. Am sure the collar helped masses to prevent chin tuck.

I know I have to be vigilant and be reactive to my condition but at last I feel I am on 'recovery' path with a method of staying on course. I shall still want confirmation from Sleepyhead data and help with interpretation but till I get that USB.....

I am going away for a week but hey, I am not religious but have to say you guys and this forum is a Godsend!!!!!
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awesome results and have a good week away.
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That's great news AI. I'm surprised at how quickly you have gotten dialed in. Your willingness to try some new things and make this therapy work has been a big help. Well done.
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OK, I have serious problems with attachments, so shall send on ones those done. Would be grateful for some enlightened view of my last night since I changes my settings and used nasal pillow.

Thanks in advance.
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Great stuff, don't think I would change anything at this time.
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