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APAP causing TMJ
I've been using an APAP machine since 9/16. I went to the dentist yesterday. My lower jaw is now protruding past my upper jaw, my teeth are out of alignment and I have severe TMJ in my left jaw. Can I sue RESMED or my STUPID DOCTOR for this??Doctor-no-get-it  

I'll have to get a Jaw device to fix my teeth and jaw.  Hammer  I'm really P*ssed about this after spending gazillions to have braces years ago. All that effort down the tubes and I can't chew anything!!!!  Plus my face mask makes my nose itch every night so I have to take it on and off.  

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You won't win even if you sue. You don't have any proof that APAP was the cause. I think you might have to accept that some other medical reason caused the TMJ.
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Please connect the dots for me and explain your theory as to how your CPAP pressure (which you list as unknown) which pressure splints your airway, has allegedly caused TMJ. I'm curious because I have not heard this before.

Happy Pappin'
Never Give In, Never Give Up

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This is a known side effect of XPAP. 

There was a study in of 46 Japanese men. Conclusion the use if  nCpap machine for >2 years may change craniofacial form by reducing maxillary and mandibular prominence and/or  by altering the relationship of the dental arches.  

I need to be on my computer to post the full abstract or you can search craniofacial changes after 2 years
 Of nasal continuous positive airway pressure use in patients with OSA
How to Organize Sleepyhead and Post ScreenShots
  • http://sleep.tnet.com/resources/sleepyhead/shorganize
  • https://sleep.tnet.com/reference/tips/imgur
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From a biomechanical point of view, I could see TMJ being caused by tightening the headgear straps too much. To my mind, it would be a very bad idea for any xPAPer to organize the headgear straps in such a way as to bind the facial muscles or the jaw joint.

Just from my short time on xPAP, it's very clear to me that utmost care should be taken when selecting a mask so that the headgear jams the jaw joints or prevents the muscles from slacking.

Also, IME, having braces as a kid or as an adult doesn't at all remove you from the possibility of TMJ or a shifting jaw. It may, in fact, cause them.

Plus, the way you position your face in sleep can also lessen or augment the likelihood that you will have jaw problems.
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I do not see any way that an APAP, CPAP could possibly cause TMJ.  On the other-hand I can easily see how a mask, chin strap, or possibly a cervical collar could.  

Many users, IMHO, overtighten their masks.  This would create excessive pressure on either the upper or lower jaw.  The ideal fit for a mask is just floating on the face with the straps just holding it there.

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My understanding of the problem is that the strap holding my mask on has caused the jaw to shift. (per dentist).

Thank you!
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I believe you about the strap causing the problem. But it won't fly in a lawsuit. They'll say you didn't adjust the straps according to instructions and that there are plenty of videos showing the proper way to fit a mask. You have to be able to prove that the straps were faulty or that you were instructed wrong on how to use it. Pretty hard to prove.
Sorry it happened to you and hope others will read this and take precautions not to over tighten the straps.
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Thanks for the helpful responses.  

I was wearing a full mask and the straps go in back of my neck. I have also had Chiari Malformation Decompression so part of my skull and vertebra have been removed. It is very uncomfortable for me to wear the mask as it makes my neck hurt also. 

I saw my Sleep Apnea doctor today. He is an ASS.  Hammer 

I'm going to find another doctor. He asked me what I expected him to do about it. He has no bedside manner. Commented on my only getting 5 hours sleep a night and this wasn't enough. 

DUH! That is because the mask makes my nose itch, I get congested, sneeze, have to take it off, etc. It is a nightmare!!
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I keep the straps as loose as possible. If they are too loose, the mask leaks and makes leaking noises. Believe me, I do not tighten them anymore than I have to to keep the damn thing on!! 

Thanks for the feedback!!!
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