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APNEA Out of Control
(03-16-2016, 07:19 PM)surferdude2 Wrote: I always loved sleeping on my back so I rigged a pillow against my upper back so I could roll against it and let my lower body twist so it was nearly like sleeping on my back but still keep my head sideways on the pillow. That worked very well for me until I finally got to where side sleeping didn't bother me so much. The cure was to get a memory foam mattress topper and a pillow approved for side sleepers.


I've always enjoyed sleeping on my side. That doesn't bother me. I sleep on my stomach too but not as much. I wish that I could come up with something that would not allow me to get onto my back at all. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford a new mattress.
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(03-16-2016, 07:42 PM)PoolQ Wrote: Agree. I had lots of trouble sleeping with CPAP and found lots of things that I was sensitive to, but never knew about.
I cannot exhale into pressure, so now I use BiPAP and cannot use nasal pillows, I have to have a large area in the mask to exhale into
I like low temperature air
I like zero added humidity.
If the pressure is under 5.6 then it feel like I don't get enough air.
Plus several others

The point is that unless you changed everything that can be changed and tried all the different machines and tried several types of masks, you really don't know if you can tolerate CPAP. You only know that you cannot tolerate what you or your Doctor/DME tried.

Oh and used sleephead and posted your data and everyone here ran out of suggestions.

Think hard about it and see what you are willing to try to get better sleep.

I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. But I need the help of the doctor and staff. I think I mentioned a bilevel machine once but I can't remember what was said about it. I didn't get one. I recently called the sleep center again and spoke to the woman who has been helping me since day one. I told her the dental device wasn't working well. She never mentioned me coming in or anything. I feel like I'm fighting to get any help.

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yep, they do not volunteer to do much. You will get lots of help here. you will need to ask for what you want and take charge of your own therapy. My Doctor actually asked be straight out what machine I was trying for and then we put a plan in place to get it. I had to try APAP and fail at it (convince him it was not working) then he scheduled a new sleep study for BiLevel and I got it Smile

Work the system. Convince them to help you. Convince them that you will do it this time, it's getting really bad.
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Hi Mike208,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with getting sleep and resolving your problems with CPAP therapy, just keep trying. Hopefully, you can get a CPAP machine that you can use and actually works well for you.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and don't give up.
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Thank you. I think it's ridiculous that a person has to almost be belligerent and cantankerous in order to get anywhere with some medical personnel. I visited my GP's office recently for help on another small issue and was treated badly by a staff member at the front desk. The office manager finally got back to me and she apologized but didn't sound all that sympathetic. It's about helping and good health. Well, it's supposed to be.
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I sometimes get more respect than I deserve. I retired from a company with the official name of C.D.C., which stood for Carlson Design & Construction. Most front office people assume it's the CDC they know about, the Communicable Disease Center. Sometimes I correct them, sometimes I pretend I didn't hear them ask. Wink

Feel free to use any variation of that and you may be surprised at the improvement in your treatment.

Beyond that, always remember the old adage, "The good die young." Quit trying to be genial patient and advocate strongly for all the answers they can give. When they have no answers, find someone who does. When it comes to XPAP issues, this forum is a great place to get answers without feeling like you're a bother.

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(03-17-2016, 09:56 AM)surferdude2 Wrote: ...the CDC they know about, the Communicable Disease Center.

Centers for Disease Control... Smile

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I have contacted the sleep center and learned that I am a candidate for BiPAP because I failed CPAP twice. I have an appointment to get in and see the doc. In the meantime I'm still using the dental appliance with the same results. Some days I don't feel so bad and others I do. I was at the dentist again last week for replacement of the adjustment arms. He still insists that the appliance is doing its job, that I should be noticing an improvement. They have sent me home twice now with a sleep test machine. This is a small unit that you place on your forehead with a nasal cannula. You lay on your back, push a button and wait for it to initialize and tell you you can sleep. He looked up the latest results and it showed the AHI's at 23. I realize that's still high. He says I actually slept 6.5 hours. You would think I wouldn't feel so bad if I was getting at least that much sleep. My question is how reliable are these take home tests?
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An AHI of 23 is not considered treated. Your goal should be under 5. Your dentist should know that.

Why did you fail Cpap? Was is non use or was it due to high AHI....? Too many Centrals?
They may want to try bipap to see how that works. If your failure is due to high Clear Airways,
Then the next step would be an ASV machine.
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I failed CPAP basically because I could not breath. I was unable to stay asleep for long periods, fought the machine to breathe, felt like I was suffocating...etc.. I was miserable. I have a feeling BiPAP won't be much better. The reason I say that is because I have tiny nasal passages and a very small throat. I think this has something to do with failing CPAP.
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