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Mrs Mongo and I have separate computer networks in the home. We both have ATT DSL using a Motorola 2210 in bridge mode; plus a Linksys Router with authentication via PPPoE initiated on the routers.

She got a letter from ATT mandating she switch to Uverse. I did not; nor have our neighbors. Since Uverse is not fiber to the premises in this location, I wonder why they are forcing the issue?

Seems like all they gain is to get her POTS phone line onto VoIP.

We get one of the 3 methods our alarm system contacts the monitoring station FUBARed as ATT techs do not even know what an RJ31X jack is. (It's used to disconnect all phones and let the alarm take over the line for comm.)

What's with these pirates?
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Several European countries have declared broadband service to be a right - to do away with just the type of BS.
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We switched from ATT DSL to UVerse a couple years ago. ATT was glad for the extra revenue. The time our router was going bad the tech replacing it was pushing us to get their new fiber service because "it's much more reliable than UVerse." Costs more, too.

My guess is ATT wants to upgrade you for convenience, theirs. Maybe your wife's sevice hit some anniversary date and she got the letter the rest of your neighborhood will eventually get?
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Actually, I've had DSL longer then she. Here, we do not have fiber to the premises -- not even to the pole -- it's fiber to the neighborhood box. As far as I can tell, their purpose is to get the POTS telephone off the copper and turn it into VoIP. The cannot deliver internet faster than 5 mbps via either service.

We might just drop ATT phone service. We both have iPhones on Verizon.
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Google Fiber ran into my town and offered a lot of great deals. But it was a "sign up *right this minute* or the deal is off" kind of thing. A few months later ATT ran their fiber. So the yards in my neighborhood got really torn up last year - spring for Google and fall for ATT.
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Sadly Google is scaling back on it's fiber project. It is not getting as many users as they expected.

The sad part is that it forced the other companies to upgrade and compete.

Many don't know, but ages ago the government gave the Telephone companies tons of money (many billions) to upgrade their service lines to fiber. The companies squandered all that money and never provided the service. Are you shocked yet? As a result we have some of the worse Broadband coverage and service at the most expensive prices in the world.
I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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Compare it to Canada, you will feel better.
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Near as I can tell, they are abandoning traditional POTS and trying to force people onto their bundled content and VoIP delivery platforms even though the POP delivery is over old crappy copper.

Bugs me that the idiots advertise fiber -- but fail to mention it is fiber from the CO to the distribution point and not to the POP.

I am using DSLExtreme DSL which is an AT&T reseller -- it was the only way I could get a PairGain amplifier to compensate for being at the ASS-END (Assured System Services) of the line.

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I contacted DSLextreme 2 days ago. At first they said they could do it; then they came back with:

"Thank you for contacting us , it looks like unfortunately we cannot service a standard dsl connection , they must have closed the port as they own it and now we cannot service the address , I am sorry about that."
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(09-09-2016, 08:00 PM)chill Wrote: Compare it to Canada, you will feel better.

You don't have to go that far. You only have two choices here satellite wireless or cell phone tower wireless. You can't even get a land line run to the house.
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