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Abbreviations, software, etc... Questions
(12-04-2014, 05:04 PM)sgearhart Wrote: Coroboree, the CA is is the same as a Central event. Basically this means that the brain doesn't signal the body to breathe. Depending on the xPAP manufacturer, the unit will test the user using some sort of slight air pressure change to see if there is resistance. If there is, then it is recorded as a OA (obstructive) and, if no resistance, it will be recorded as a CA.

Thanks for the explanation. Is a Central Event the same as a Clear Airway?

What is a Central Event?

Anyway, I need to send this page (There is some confusion here the Calendar has a grey square on 2 December, but the data is labeled 12/3/14 - I realize that midnight occurs near the start of the data, but I think that there should be some consistency. [A brain wave sleep monitor would be handy, but the company making the best one (Zeo) seems to be disappearing.]

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(07-13-2014, 06:42 PM)Sleepster Wrote:
(07-13-2014, 04:50 PM)Clementine Wrote: . . . what is the software, and what do I use it for?

ResScan is the official software, it runs only on Windows machines, and you can get it here for free:


SleepyHead is a more user-friendly piece of software that runs on Windows machines, but also on a Mac or even Linux. It's beta software, though, which means it's still being tried out. I recommend you get that, too.

The reason for the software is it can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your therapy. Your machine will also do this but to a lesser extent. You can check by looking at the machine how well things went the night before.

Basically what we want is compliance, which means you can check how many hours you wore the mask each night. The goal is to wear the mask every time you sleep, all the time you're sleeping.

You also want to make sure your leaks are acceptable by looking for the "smiley face" on your machine each morning. But you also need to look more closely using the software on your computer.

And you also want to look at your AHI. The goal is to get it below 5.
You can check that each morning also by just pushing a button or two on the machine.
I noticed a bunch of posts posing questions to me. They have gone somewhere, I know not where, so I will provide some answers to the questions posed:
1. My CPAP equipment is correct as listed (Philips Repironics System One, etc.)
2. I wish to get better sleep. When I see that SH reports asleep 25 mins out of a 10 hr session - I think that is probably right.
3. My frustration with SH is that the instructions are not accurate for my Mac. Eg F12 has always been audio volume control, and the key has a picture of a speaker with sound waves, and has never been a print screen control. Other instances are that keys do not show the same pull down menus as SH user guide indicates. The SH displays do not show what I wish to see in terms of time periods. There are undefined terms such as CA. I have unidentified flags, which are not duplicates.
4. I do not know how to use the post system, or to re find posts that i saw previously. Posting seems to be in what I used to know as assembly language. Although posting accepts attachments, but attachments that I have endeavored to post in SourceForge file formats have not made it through the post function. I do not know how to initiate a post, but merely reply to one that somehow gets displayed.

That's all the questions that I remember from a list of displayed posts that were not repliable - to invent a word.
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By the way, I have never seen a smiley face on my PR System One - and you know what that means! Leaks Galore!!
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(07-13-2014, 04:55 PM)Sleepster Wrote: Hi Clem, welcome to the forum. Here are a couple resources for you to look at:

Identify your machine (so you can update your profile with the correct information).

Does your mask cover both your mouth and nose (full face mask), or
does it cover only your nose (nasal mask), or
does it fit inside your nostrils (nasal pillows mask).

Here's an article that will help with all the abbreviations:

Curiously, Bi-Level is referenced in the purpose of the Acronym list, but is omitted from the list itself!Oh-jeez

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