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About to order a Dreamstation Go
I'm having a hard time identifying what makes it silent when it is, which does happen ... basically any jostling around and the silence is lost.  

I use a Mirage FX, which is virtually silent with my System One with a 15mm heated tube and was nearly so with my Intellipap DV54 and a pretty stiff Devilbiss 22mm tube.
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(08-15-2017, 11:22 AM)levman Wrote: If I wake up during the night, there is very little hose noise unless I have somehow managed to get the hose higher than my head (over the top of the pillow, for example). As long as the hose is hanging off the bed (if I am facing the CPAP) or draped across my side (if I am facing away from the CPAP) it is pretty quiet. 

Kind of a breakthrough last night. I adjusted the hose so that it went directly upward from the elbow - and the noise vanished. (Normally the hose direction is down from the mask, the way it would go if I were upright and gravity is on the job.) I slept quite well the rest of the night (though I recorded a very high AHI?). 

The Philips staffer had told me to try that, and even suggested to route it through the headboard above me, but I hadn't tried anything like it.

This is contrary to your experience, but I am cheered by the idea that adjusting the position of the hose is enough to quiet the dang thing. Changes my assessment of the device dramatically.
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I too have have noticed that the Respironics Go travel APAP is sensitive to both the condition and placement of an AirFit P10. I recently switched to a brand new P10 mask from an old P10 and the Go's noise level dropped considerably. Tight tube conditions and proper mask fit seem to have made the already quiet machine much quieter. Very, very little noise. Traveling with the Go is a breeze compared to a ResMed S9/10 or a HDM Z1.
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I'll have to try replacing my mask - my nasal pillows are new, but the rest of the mask assembly is way overdue for replacement, perhaps the exhalation vents may be a little clogged with tiny particles.

I continue to have very good results placing the CPAP and hose lower than my head, though it's a challenge to do so in hotel rooms - I've been using upside down garbage cans as a CPAP stand.
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I had similar quiet results going over my head with the 12mm tube last night. When I am awakened now, I tap the touchscreen and the APAP goes back to the ramp phase, quieting down while I get back to sleep. I'm moderately satisfied with the device now.
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I just returned from a 36-day hike in which I spent most nights in bunk beds in rooms with many more people.

I'm pleased to report that the Dreamstation Go generated no complaints from bunk mates, and only a few people said that they could hear it at all.

I like the machine and the fact that it doesn't bother others really is icing on the cake.
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I have conflicting information and maybe someone on this thread can help.

Will the dreamstation-go 12mm hose (or is there some other?) 12mm hose fit on my standard size dreamstation APAP.  I don't mind carrying the APAP on trips, but the 15mm hose I have is a PITA.

(I have a separate thread, but I suspect that folks on this thread have already tried or could easily try using their 12mm hose on a standard cpap).
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I could really appreciate a travel-friendly machine since I never check baggage and the Go sounds ideal. I would have bought one earlier but am a bit concerned about lack of a humidifier. Do any of you folks using one have a problem with no humidification? I need one at home because I'm living in a desert, but my trips usually take me to climates with much higher humidity levels.
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I'm half a night into using the DreamStation Go. Lack of humidification is hurting a bit.

I ordered an in-line HME and will try that out. Has anyone had an luck with using a humidifier placed very close to the DreamStation Go's air inlet? (Either a regular humidifier or a travel water bottle humidifier)
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