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[Admin Note] New SleepyHead Download Page & new 1.0.0-beta version [post bug reports here]
(04-03-2016, 11:01 PM)AlanE Wrote: Jedimark did some testing with browsers against his server. Seems if you request https:// you will always get https:// regardless if you link to http:// or not. Which is why when going to http:// after you have visited the site with https:// it will always net you https:// - clear as mud?
it's because I set up the server with HSTS which tells the browser to keep using the secure connection, for security, even if the user forgets the 's' on https..

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perhaps those having a cert issue need to update the root certificates. I remember this coming thru a KB update when I used to do Windows

Google Chrome

Google Chrome attempts to use the root certificate store of the underlying operating system to determine whether an SSL certificate presented by a site is indeed trustworthy, with a few exceptions.
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Tongue Suck Technique for prevention of mouth breathing:
  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
  • gently suck to form a light vacuum
Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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Bug report:
I'm using beta 1.0.0 with PRS1 AutoSV (model 960, I believe). The amount of periodic breathing that SH shows in the "details" tab is half of what the machine itself indicates, although I think the machine rounds to the nearest percent. So, for example, last night SH reported PB of 2.42%; the machine reported 5%.

In addition, the Event Flags graph shows some PBs of zero seconds. In the listing under the Events tab, these correspond to PBs of less than 1 minute, so those values aren't getting displayed correctly in the graph popups.
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(04-03-2016, 11:00 PM)sonicboom Wrote: Running Windows xp SP3- New SH loaded but the tabs and scroll up down buttons and screen edges were all blacked out. Not workable as such. Had to reload the old data and run SH as before -broken GL. Perhaps just a problem with my old OS. Just thought I'd send this in case other xp users run into this.

That happens to me. I maximize or restore the window and it fixes it. It will be OK after that even if you un-maximize the window.

Click in the upper left corner to get the window menu, and maximize or restore the window. Or double click the title bar, or click the box to the right of the title bar, etc.

BTW, it only happens to me when I go from Overview to Daily or vice versa.

SleepyHead v1.0.0-beta-1

Build Date: Mar 9 2016 09:31:18
Revision: 7dcb76e (master branch)
Graphics Engine: OpenGL
Windows 10-64.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
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Unfortunately non of the clicking or minimizing maximizing restoring window had any effect on the blackout condition for me. For now I've simply reverted back to broken GL which works like a charm.

Happy Pappin'
Never Give In, Never Give Up

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downloaded ok
installed ok
but crashes when trying to import existing profile
tried creating a new profile to import data into but that crashed too (not sure what stage as it was past my bed time already)
will try again tonight paying more attention to sequence of events
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Vertical lines on the plot for CMS50D+ data are missing (I assume this is a bug, though I am not sure). Running OS X GL Verison.
I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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Well, todays import plotted correctly, so please ignore my previous report. I must have managed to corrupt the data somehow?
I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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I have DL'd Sleepy head three times and installed, removed and re-installed and cannot get it to rn on my computer.
HP Presario CQ56 notebook 2.19 Ghz 4GB memory 64bit.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
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Have you tried running the Broken-GL executable?

[Image: SH_BrokenGL.PNG]

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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