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Advice for getting treatment for a New Bee
(08-18-2016, 07:42 AM)Millie Wrote: I'm new! Just last week I realized I have low daytime oxygen levels after accidentally stumbling upon this board and quickly ordered a cms50 plus. My sleep reports are not good.

I'm thinking I need more so I'm trying to learn really fast as I have appt. with a different dr tomorrow and might be able to get a prescription based on my reports. I'm hoping to avoid a lab sleep study due to health issues but I will do what is necessary as I can see now that low oxygen may explain why I've been able to heal.

Does anyone else deal with chemical sensitivities? I'm worried about plastics and especially vinyl. Thank you!

Ok. I can't get the image of my report to attach. Can I attach a pdf? I spent 27.9 minutes <88% last night. Avg. Low 85.5%. My basal spo2% is 91.7. Index per hour 20.8. I'll keep trying to get my report posted.


HI Millie.

Welcome to the forum.Wink

1-First you must be conservative about your CMS-50D+. I got one like yours, but they are low cost equipment with a big absolute error: 2- 4%. They say they are calibrated, but you must check the calibration if you get a sleep study in a clinic, or use what ever method is at your reach.
2-You can go for a home sleep study that is not as invasive as the in lab sleep study. I made the home study and when I went to the lab to make the more serious study and they put in my head, chest, finger a lot of paraphernalia I could not take it and after 1 hour trying in vane to sleep I quit. Anyway, They charged the insurance. I got the CPAP only with the home study. Never did the clinic study. (never will).
If you do the home study use the Oximeter supplied in one hand and your Oximeter in the other and write down the beginning of the study because the CMS -50D+ doesn't record the real time. You can ask for a copy of your home study and compare your reading with the reading of the more professional equipment.
3-About the mask: they are usually made out off silicon. I got trouble with mine until I learned how to cope with the hygiene, the amount of leak, how tight it must be and the sore in my skin. I was lucky because I am using the first one that they gave me. Usually you got 30 days to test is the supplied mask is good for you.
4-Apart from the results from the Oximeter, What really define your health before an sleep study is :
-How many hours do you sleep a day?
-Do you feel tired after one night sleep?
-Do you feel sleepy during day hours?
-Are you short of breath ?
Any way, for a peace of mind, I think that you must go, at least, for the home study.
Good luck!!

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For some reason my home router is not letting me access apneaboard since I posted yesterday unless I reset it each time so I'm waiting for my dr appt and want to say thank you for all the helpful comments. I feel better going in with all the info I received!
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My dr will prescribe an autoset cpap as soon as I tell him exactly which model and if i want he will refer me for a sleep study. So I'll pretty much be on my own getting set up and I'm worried about masks. Lots of research to do! I'm pleased to get treatment right away allowing me time to research sleep doctors, etc.
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Be forewarned,

many insurance co's want you to start with the cheapest thing possible and move up only with a doctor demonstrating / proving the device you have doesn't get it..
Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
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(08-19-2016, 11:14 AM)Millie Wrote: My dr will prescribe an autoset cpap as soon as I tell him exactly which model and if i want he will refer me for a sleep study. So I'll pretty much be on my own getting set up and I'm worried about masks. Lots of research to do! I'm pleased to get treatment right away allowing me time to research sleep doctors, etc.

Millie, the best approach would be to request a prescription for an auto-titrating CPAP set to initial settings of 5-20 cm H2O. A Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset For Her will give you the most versatility and best chance of success. If you think you can use nasal therapy, the Resmed Airfit P10 pillows is the most minimal mask you can use. I encourage you to try to make nasal therapy work because full face masks are a lot more work to get sealed and to make comfortable. You should understand this journey will involve some trial and error.

I would avoid for the time-being a sleep study if your insurance will accept that. They are uncomfortable, expensive and frequently get it wrong. The data from the machine, and how you feel will be very good measures of success and allow you to fine-tune your therapy. On the other hand, if you prefer to go the full diagnostic route, and have someone determine what pressure(s) are appropriate, then the sleep study may be something you want. Be aware that just scheduling sleep studies and waiting for results will prolong the process of getting a machine by several months.
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I've been reading reviews and it sounds like the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset For Her would be a good choice for me. One concern. I sleep on the floor due to back problems and I read the machine must be below the head. With my 2" foam pad and pillow, I might be a couple inches higher than the machine, or maybe not. Does anyone have experience with this aspect who knows how critical this is? Do all machines have this requirement? I'm also a side sleeper. Will the masks interfere with this?
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The height placement is just a recommendation to prevent rainout and is a "rule-of-thumb" for all CPAP's. There is no guarantee that you will experience any problems if it is higher than you. If you experience rainout while using the humidifier, you can try a heated hose. You have chosen a very nice machine.
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(08-20-2016, 01:34 PM)Millie Wrote: I'm also a side sleeper. Will the masks interfere with this?


You are very lucky, you are a side sleeper. When you sleep in your back (as myself) your tongue is pressure down and closes your airways. I am a back sleeper trying not to sleep in my back.
About the mask interfering with a side sleeper , yes sure she does, but not too much. You can live with that.
If you buy the airsense10 you will get a friendly machine. Very easy to change settings.
Good luck.Sleep-well
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don't worry about the machine elevation. It would be helpful for the hose to be supported above your pillow because this allows more freedom of movement, and will cause any condensation to drain towards the machine. This is not something to worry about. The current machine with heated hose rarely has rainout.
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Welcome to the forum Millie! Hope you are able to adjust to therapy well and get on the road to better health!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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