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Advice needed on mask leaking
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Advice needed on mask leaking
I'm not new to CPAP but I am going from a nasal mask to a FFM. I've been through 4 of them and the only one that seems to work is the AirFit F10. The trouble I'm having with it is having to cinch it down so tight that it leaves my face a mess for most of the day. This is with Pad-A-Cheek liners.
Talking with my DME, she suggested loosening the mask and just let it leak as long as it is within acceptable parameters and that my therapy is working. She said that she is out of of any other workable solutions. Is this good advice and is it something I should try? I always thought you should strive for no leaks (except for the diffuser)
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09-04-2015 01:33 PM
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RE: Advice needed on mask leaking
Tightening down the mask can be just as bad as having it too loose. If it is marking up your face that bad, you have it too tight. You have to try to find the sweet spot. The cushion was designed to fill with air to provide a seal. If you tighten the mask up, you don't allow the cushion to fill with air and then it is difficult to create a seal. Having liners will help. I've run into the same issue with the Liberty. The higher I have my pressure the harder it is to stop it from leaking. I just have to live with a little bit of leakage as long as my therapy is working. Or until I try another mask. I'm thinking of drinking the "Apnea Board kool-aid" and ordering a P10 to try. Smile

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09-05-2015 01:21 PM
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RE: Advice needed on mask leaking
(09-04-2015 01:33 PM)Rastur Wrote:  I always thought you should strive for no leaks (except for the diffuser)
You're always going to have some leaks, unavoidable business
Up to 24 L/m is acceptable, lower is better but not the end of the world if goes a bit higher for some time during the night

Air Quattro uses the same cushion as the F10 but different straps and frame, I find the straps easier to adjust than the F10 .... ymmv
Things might helps ...
washing the cushion daily remove facial oil, having the right size and fitting the mask correctly, and replace the cushion whenever worn out
Some folks, like to use mask liner with full face mask, helps minimizing leak and provide some comfort
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09-05-2015 04:41 PM
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RE: Advice needed on mask leaking
Adding to AlanE's and zonk's excellent observations, I would add:
1) the F10's is not designed to perform when cinched tight on the face. This is because it has a inflatable silicon cushion design. The older generation masks (mirage Quattro etc) had a gel type cushion that did well by cinching tight. But not F10, Quattro air or simplus.
2) At your pressure of 12cm, f10 should perform very well.
3) I would wear the mask like this:
a. Wear the mask very loose and Lie down in supine position.
b. Tighten top 2 straps until the top end of cushion is just snug on the face.
c. Tighten bottom 2 straps just a bit looser than the top 2. You should be able to grind your teeth.
d. Switch on the machine. Let the mask inflate.
e. Lift the mask cushion off my face just a little bit and reseat it (while machine is on).
f. If the mask is not leaking anywhere, it's good to go.
e. If mask still leaks then adjust whatever settings you need to by repeating all the previous steps.

Hopefully this will solve the issues you are having with the F10.

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Started on F10, Tried Quattro Air successfully. Finally settled on P10.
09-05-2015 05:28 PM
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