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Air 10 cpap
My s9auto needed to go in for service and a little repair work, not writing to ad card and clicky button, pressure check. I had the new air 10 as a loan machine from my supplier. I found it to be very noisy compared to the s9. I picked mine up today and asked the technition, a very nice young woman, and asked her what she thought of the new model. She said she had had a great number in the workshop due to noise. She said the motor something? Was to tight from the factory and she loosens it a little and fixes the problem. Hopeful if I need a new one in the future. Sleepwell.
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Hi Sleep Well....what kind of noises were you hearing with the A10. Sounds strange that loosing the motor would help a noise go away since the motor probably runs at a high r.p.m. I would think loosing would cause other problems. But I could be wrong with my assumption....thanks for the info.....I can see it now, everyone with the A10 noise problem will be loosing there motors.....lol
It's exactly like that. . . . only totally different. . . . Sleep-well
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(07-14-2015, 06:18 AM)Sleep well Wrote: She said the motor something? Was to tight from the factory and she loosens it a little and fixes the problem.
Clever clog, wouldn't tampering with the machine affect the warranty

As for noise complaint, there are more complaints with the S9 but the A10 is not been out for long
My A10 is very quiet, you can hear a pin drop
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My S9 is quiet, my Airsense auto set that I have been using since September last year is even more quiet.

I have heard some noise complaints relating to the Airsense that are related to humidifier tub not sealing properly, but I have not heard about motor noise.
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Hi Sleep well,
I hope they have fixed your machine.
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Motor noise is typically bearing noise or vibrational transfer noise. Bearing noise is only fixed by replacing the bearings. Transfer of vibrational noise could be fixed by loosening motor mounts or bolts, and repositioning the motor slightly so that it does not touch the case (then retightening the mounts, of course). But there really should be no vibrational noise to transfer, so it makes me want to hang onto my S9, which is whisper-quiet. Did ResMed cut a corner here? Did they save money on the new model by using a cheaper design or cheaper parts? Wouldn't be the first.

If there is vibrational noise that could be potentially transferred by a misalignment, repositioning it does not eliminate the vibration, only the noise. Run your machine and place your hand on it, and see. It should not have a vibration that you can sense any stronger than the vibration of a spinning hard disk drive; place your hand on your computer as a reference. A motor that has vibration will have a proportional tendency to early failure, whether it is still noisy or not.
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My A10 Autoset is silent. Thankfully!
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Thanks for the input. The Air 10 was A loan machine while my S9 was in for service. The 10 was very noisy compared to my S9. In Australia this has been a problem and they don't loosen the motor but something that is tight that keeps the motor in place. I am a babe in the woods with this but a noise sensitive babe. Today my supplier said that it was a random problem. Anyway I shall hang onto my S9 for as long as it will go I think. Sleepwell
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