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Air Fit P10 - fitting question / leaks
(09-06-2015, 12:42 PM)Adoniscmj Wrote:
(09-02-2015, 08:38 PM)Nananeedssleep Wrote: So, I'm reading the forums (and enjoying and learning) every night. I'm almost 3 weeks into being a hose head! Yea! I find myself looking forward to bedtime.

My leak rate is 24, my smiley is always green. But I have leaks, I hear leaks, I feel leaks. My mouth is dry. I got a new bite guard (wore out the other), and I tried a chin strap using an ace bandage. The best improvement I got was 22.

After reading all 16 pages tonight of the review for the P10, I now wonder if the XS is too small for my nostrils. Just how tight is the seal supposed to be? I couldn't find the post about how they were supposed to fit that someone mentioned in the reviews.

Any thoughts? A link? How far/tight[/size][/font] into your nose do these guys go? I do sleep all over, back, side, face down, on a feather pillow. I tried a memory foam pillow, but it made me hot. Maybe I am just knocking the mask?

On bright side, trips to bathroom down to one around 5 am. And I am averaging 9 hours of sleep. I WAS so tired. I know it's helping, but I'm determined to stop the leaks if possible.

Still too novice with Sleepyhead to make heads or tails of what's happening when. Any help is appreciated!

I was using the same mask and had no leaks. I would try the next size up in pillows and see if that works. The P10 is a great mask but the head gear is terrible as in my case it wasn't ever tight enough to stay on my head when I rolled onto my side. It may be that the head gear is to loose on you causing a leak. I had to switch to the FX and now I get through the night with the mask on but the FX is noisy and has a jet stream of air that is irritating to say the least.

I have two possible solutions to get you back to the P10. First, wash the headgear - this will shrink it back to its original tension. If that doesn't work try using a hose clip (available on-line) where you can clip the hose to the bed or your PJs so there is no tugging on the tubing as you turn which in turn could pull the headgear loose. Hope any of that helps you get back to the quiet P10.

Happy Pappin'
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I have been using the Resmed Mirage FX Nasal mask for since starting with CPAP 18 months ago. I have good AHI (<2.2) and sleep about 7.5hrs. I get very little leaks. But I am now considering the nasal pillow P10. Has anyone else switched? I sort of cringe at the idea of something in my nose all night. For those that went from mask to pillows, did it take getting used to? Did you go back to mask? I like the idea of less objects on my face. I tend to fall asleep on my back, but find myself on my side when I wake up. I am not covered by insurance, so I don't want to throw away good money if this doesn't work out.

Thank you.
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I've only had the pillows, so I can't really make a comparison. I am a side sleeper, am really don't have trouble with the mask getting in the way. I do use a feather pillow, which I can manipulate - I find the nose pillow almost doesn't feel like it is there.
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I'm a newbie so others with more experience might want to provide more info. But, I don't trust the AHI when leak rate is high. I would be curious to know if most of your leak is from the mouth. Could you try a comercial chin strap? I think an ace bandage has too much elacticity.

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I've contacted my Dr. And supplier about getting a chin strap. I was assured of a callback, but it has not happened so far. My follow-up appointment is next Wednesday. On my own I still can't get my leak rate below 19.

I have a lot on my plate, two elderly parents under my care and supervision. Finding time to sit down and learn sleepyhead better so I can evaluate where the leaks are from just hasn't happened yet. I am sleeping completely through the night, which is a fantastic improvement. Also getting 8-9 hours of sleep. So a few benefits are being realized. I keep hoping for increased energy, but I can't say that switch has been turned on yet.
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