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Air Mini Noise solutions?
Air Mini Noise solutions?
So I have not been able to use my Air Mini as much as I have tried and I end up lugging my Airsense 10 around. The problem is noise.  I am using my P10 mask with the airmini hose. I removed the NOISY Humidix chamber and connected the P10 hose to the air mini hose by getting a 12" hose from Amazon. I use auto ramp and my settings are 4-20, but usually around 8. The problem is that unlike the airsense 10, there is noise/ pressure pushing through the hose creating noise when I am between an inhale and an exhale. It does not occur on the airsense 10 but on the mini it sure is there. Any ideas on how I can reduce this noise? I have no issues sleeping with my Airsense 10 and none of this noise. I am planning a long trip and would really like to make the air mini work!

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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
I read here that even ResMed said the Air Mini is not as quiet as they had hoped.
If they can't make it quieter then there is not much hope of me making it quieter and still work as it should.
A 12" (1 ft) hose?  Is that not a bit short?
I think I read here somewhere that someone had had problems with pain in their nose due to using a short hose.
Maybe it was yourself?
I am NOT a doctor.  I try to help, but do not take what I say as medical advice.

Every journey, however large or small starts with the first step.

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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
I wish I had a solution for you, but I have traveled for years with both Respironics and Resmed standard machines without a problem, and enjoyed the same comfort as home. I have even traveled on my motorcycle and camped on battery power, so this expensive mini system never crossed my mind.
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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
I've traveled with the AirMini on a dozen or so trips since the summer - including three weeks in Europe.  I've found that the thing makes a terrible noise at the HumidX connection when the part of the hose that plugs into the AirMini machine itself is not absolutely firmly in place - which to me is counter intuitive - the noise in such a case isn't at the connection between the machine and the hose but much further up at the HumidX connector even though the place the connection is not tight is between the end of the hose and the AirMini. 

Also the Humid-X cartridge when properly inserted (it snaps into a plastic ring on the side away from the mask) acts as a noise damper...  My suggestion - make sure the hose is as firmly placed into the AirMini machine as possible (even though there is no noise at that connection!) and properly install a HumidX module in its slot so that it is firmly snapped into place.  

Oh yes, make sure you use the AirMini Mount System (ResMed #38842) to keep the unit below your head level (I strap mine under a hotel room mattress - works great!) - the same situation exists with the DreamStation Go - if the machine / hose is significantly below your head level as you use the device it does wonders reducing the noise level ...

Hope this helps, I find the AirMini a little noiser than my AirSense 10 but not nearly as bad as others think, maybe keeps me awake 2-3 minutes more a night than at home but you also have to consider that's in a strange hotel room which probably takes a couple of extra minutes to get used to anyway...
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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
I added the 12" to the 6' hose to allow me to use my existing mask. The 6' hose that comes with it is onlly good for the HUMIDIX, so the 12" hose has rubber connectors that allow me to add to the 6' hose
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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
I have an ResMed AirMini for travel and have tried to determine the cause of the noise. The machine itself is quiet, and I have removed the HumidX unit, and even added a converter to be able to use the same mask as I use for my home machine to compare apples to apples. Inhaling is still quite noisy, especially compared to my home machine (Philips Dreamstation) which is pretty much silent. I've come to the conclusion that it is simply due to the difference in hose diameter (12mm for the AirMini, 15mm for the Dreamstation).

I'm going to experiment with some of the suggestions earlier in this chain to see if I can get it a bit quieter.
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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
The solution is to purchase a Z1-AUTO, then experience what noise really sounds like and then you will be thrilled with your AirMini.

Seriously, I was an unfortunate early purchaser of the Z1-Auto and suffered through a totally unusable device due to a constant whining noise.  I couldn't use it when sleeping with my wife because it kept her awake.  Even their "muffler" didn't help.  No help from the manufacturer so I wasted that $1,000.

So when I purchased the Airmini my wife was really upset for me spending close to another $1,000.  However, compared to the Z1 it is great and she never hears anything from it.  I do hear some of the air-noise that comes up the hose and I've tried some  experiments but can't seem to silence it.

Overall I am happy with the AirMini.
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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
[Image: PUd2eapt.jpg]

This might help.
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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?

I've just bought an airMini and I have the exact same problem with noise from the humidifier section. I use Swift Fx nasal pillows on a ResMed S9 which I find great but I am unable to sleep because of the noise from the AirMini P10 , from the humidifier section (which I really didn't want at all). I'd love to use my old nasal pillows (swift Fx large) with the AirMini and it seems from your post that you bought a small hose which made the conversion. Could you share with me how you did this as I really like the Airmini but I just can't get to sleep with the noise from the hose. Thanks
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RE: Air Mini Noise solutions?
    [attachment=5871][attachment=5871]I was able to remove the humidifier component from the AirMini by inserting an adapter that was given to me by my medical provider. There doesn't seem to be any marking on the adapter, so I am not sure who might produce it. In the attached image you will see the regular setup with the humidifer on the top, and the alternate arrangement without the humidifier on the bottom.

That being said, removal of the humidifier made no difference to the sound level. It seems that the noise is solely related to the smaller diameter of the tubing. I use the AirMini only for travelling, and I have gotten somewhat used to it, but I don't sleep nearly as well as with my home machine.
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