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Air Sense 10 humming
I am thinking about getting a Resmed Airsense 10 apap. I looked in Amazon and found several comments that the machine started giving a loud humming sound after a few months use. They said that this was a known problem. Does anybody know anything  about this problem? Thanks

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If the problem occurs, it is not normal. From what I have seen, there is a higher than expected complaint rate about this machine having noise problems, that are often related to a bearing issue in the motor. That said, the failure rate is low, and most have been handled under warranty. If you buy from Amazon, verify your seller is an authorized Resmed reseller. Many are, and some are not, but it can make the difference in having a warranty service or not. Definitely worth a few extra dollars to do that verification.
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Thanks for replying. I will be getting my next apap through medicare. I am looking at the Resmed Airsense 10 auto start and Philips Dreamstation. I was reading comments on Amazon to find out about the machines. My problem is that I will be living in Mexico City, so if I get a humming Airsense it would be difficult have it fixed unless Resmed would honor the warrenty and fix or replace the machine in Mexico City.
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The noise typically starts within one or two months of initial use. The mean time between failure for machines that do not fail early is over 5-years. Your supplier can obtain warranty service, and it could be that the Medicare extended warranty follows you. The reason this defect is handled under warranty is that replacement of the "pneumatic block" is not cost effective. You just get a new machine. If the problem occurs while you're in D.F. you would ship the machine to your Medicare approved supplier, and they would execute the warranty.

Many of us have a backup machine just in case. I don't expect a failure, but don't want to ever be in a situation where I don't have a machine.
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I was signing on to reply and saw another post about the Elite model humming. In the thread the author mentioned that he rented an Auto Start model, which seemed to be quieter. Is the issue primarily related to the Elite model? Does anybody know if there was a bad/defective batch that was released? Looking at that thread and the names of other threads that I will read after posting, the problem seems to be fairly prevalent (although I am sure that the people who are having problems would write and the people who don't probably won't write as much). I was leaning towards the Airsense 10 because it is supposed to be more aggressive in treating the apnea and my previous experiences with Resmed machines. My AHI has gotten worse since I started living in Mexico (I will post Sleepyhead charts in another thread for help after I figure out how to do it) and want to treat it aggressively. I will start thinking more about the Dreamstation now. If anybody has comments about the machines I would appreciate it.

My problem with Medicare is that Medicare does not cover me outside the US, I don't know how the warranty would work.

Thanks again for your help
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Sterling, It would help to see your machine settings and the SH data to help. You are at considerable altitude there as well. We can work with any auto machine to optimize treatment. If I was going to do a new APAP and had pressures like you of 16, I wouldn't screw around, and just get the Dreamstation BiPAP Auto DSX700T11 on Amazon. Bilevel pressure in my experience is a lot nicer at higher pressures and at altitude. They are selling at $700 and that's a good deal (note multiple sellers). Amazon is using the wrong photo for that machine, but it is the Dreamstation. Variable EPAP, IPAP and pressure support. Best auto bilevel on the market. You will never go back to CPAP.
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Thanks again, I will try to post the SH info, both the charts and history later today or tomorrow. I will talk to my doctor next week about the bipap, if that's what I need, I will hopefully be able to get it through medicare. It will also be interesting to see if there are any improvements when I return to NY.
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Medicare won't buy the BiPAP unless you fail at CPAP, so this is a self-financed idea. No problem with the auto CPAP. Do you use the EPR feature on your S9?
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I don't use epr that I know of. I wasn't aware that the S9 had it. How do you check and adjust it?I also don't use a ramp up. I am then left with the same dilemma of which apap to use. I have noticed complaints about the Dreamstation's noise also. I will try to post my SH data tonight, but probably won't be able to until tomorrow. Any suggestions about the two apaps (Airsense 10and Dreamstation) or other apap? Thanks again
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EPR is usually in the patient comfort settings, but your DME may have locked you out. Just press the control knob and home button at the same time to enter clinical settings, go to comfort settings and find EPR. You can set it from there. Pressure relief acts like bilevel therapy in that it lowers EPAP relative to CPAP pressure or IPAP. This difference in bilevel is called pressure support (IPAP-EPAP =PS). While EPAP is used to control OA events, it is PS that can help with hypopnea.

In general, I prefer Resmed Autoset vs Philips Auto due to a more responsive auto pressure algorithm, and EPR vs Flex. Since you don't currently use EPR that might not be much of a factor for you. You may want to try it out and see if that makes a difference in comfort for you. Either machine can provide excellent therapy and full data, so I guess if you find a price-point that is attractive, go for that. As I said, the BiPAP Auto is a step up from either one.
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