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Air blowby (leakage)
I am wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions. Neither the local DME provider or the doctor could make any suggestions. THE PROBLEM is air leaking around the mask at such a rate that the APAP was ineffective and the noise woke me up. The leaking and noise only happened when I fell asleep, not when awake so I am assuming that the masks fit tight enough and whatever caused the obstruction to breathing, was not able to be penetrated by the air from the APAP. The noise sounds like someone 'blowing raspberries' (sticking your tongue out and blowing out air).

I tried the nose mask and the full face mask. I had them both tightened to be almost painful with no improvement - I also tried them looser.

I was using a Resmed S9 and finally had to return it because of the usage requirements for insurance coverage. I MAY buy an S10 'for her' version (I am a male) for added flexibility but hope this is a common problem and we just have dumb providers here in Charlottesville.
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There are several common problems and solutions.

First a question what were you pressure settings on the S9 and which model S9 did yo have? ( S9 is like saying Ford. Is it a Focus, LTD, or Edge.)

The first issue is tightening the mask too tight can cause leaks.
Facial hair can be an issue.
Facial oils, you need to wash your face before you put on your mask.
There are cloth mask liners that help with leaks and comfort.
Do you have the correct size mask?
There are hundreds of different masks. Many of us are in a constant search for that perfect one. Perhaps the 2 you have tried simply aren't your perfect one. I have a dozen. A few of which seemed perfect, until they didn't.
I am sure others will be along with other ideas, but your answer to my first question will hel a lot.
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Mask leaks as you describe are a common problem Sleepy. There are a variety of solutions available which range from using a mask liner with the full face masks (which works pretty well), dialing back the pressure when we can, that sort of stuff.

I would encourage you to climb back on this bandwagon and stay close in touch with us so we can help you work through any issues you may encounter.

So come back with whatever your new machine is, and what your settings are and we'll do our best to guide you through the waters.
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(09-09-2014, 04:17 PM)sleepyCoder Wrote: I was using a Resmed S9 and finally had to return it because of the usage requirements for insurance coverage.
Yes, its a common problem and not uncommon to try few different masks and choose the best one works for you
Instead of returning the machine, they (both doc and DME) should be helping you to be compliant with the therapy and keeping the machine

What masks have you tried? its important to get the right size and fit mask correctly
APAP with wide range setting can cause leaks, mask fit might be good at the lower end but as pressure increases so would leak

Please spend time reading this wiki: Tips for new CPAP users, Avoiding 10 common problems

How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!

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Hi sleepyCoder,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more suggestions and best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Zonk and Retired_Guy are right. They helped me with an impossible mask fit last week. Be sure and carefully read the "How to get the perfect mask fit ... Guaranteed". It worked for me.
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I am blown away (pun intended) but the fantastic support on this forum. I got nothing in the way of support from the DME or the doctor.

Anyway, to answer a few questions, tomorrow, I will post the make and model of the masks I have. I do not remember the settings on the S9.

With support like this though, tomorrow, I am going to buy the S10 for ladies model (autoset for her) so I have the extra mode. Sounds like I should start from scratch and the post what is happening and get help here.

Any recommendations on what mask to buy. I suspect I will get 100 opinions from the other posts but just wondering if there is any one mast that may be the most often used one.

Again, thanks for all the help.
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The mask with the most vocal boosters on this forum would have to be the Resmed Airfit P10.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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As Payton says, I really like the P10. But there are other pillows masks that some (not necessarily quite so enlightened) ones like better. You already have a full face mask apparently, so I'd focus on the other end of the extreme, and that's a pillows mask.
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Thanks for the recommendations on masks.

The ones I got from the local - not very helpful supplier are the Resmed Mirage MX Nasal Mask (standard size) and the FlexiFit 431 Full Face mask. Anyone know any words about these? Should they have been good or are they typically not good units.
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