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Air sense 10 Humidifier Defect-Resmed Fix Soon Available
I had posted a thread about Airsense 10 Humidifier Defects - One was the spraying of water in my face and one was the water bin did not seal properly and made the "dying coyote" sound when breathing. [link removed] basically told me to go jump in the lake (I was already in one with the water spraying in my face). Talked to a technician at Resmed and feel vindicated. To all those with this machine, they are manufacturing a new water bin with seals that work - they don't know if they have been shipped to the suppliers yet, but maybe in a month or so, call where you purchased it and they "Should" send you a new fixed replacement bin for free. So - known problem and defect at Resmed and they are fixing it, but they didn't think anyone would just send a new bin to you - you have to call and request it - pretty pathetic, but whatever.

About the water Spraying in my face, he said with the Airsense 10 they did, in fact, increase the humidity in the machine way beyond the S9 Autoset and that could, with some masks like the Breeze that I use, cause extremely increased water and the resulting spraying. He concluded that pretty much the only way to get along with the "auto" climate setting on the machine would be to use a Res-Med mask - doesn't make any sense. But bottom line, I will have to put everything on manual and play meteorologist every day and set the level and temperature myself to keep from drowning.

My hope, is like with automobile recalls, that enough people will complain and they will at some point acknowledge the intermittent problems with the auto climate on the machines and fix them. At least I reached a 50% fix with the info that they will be making a "fixed" water bin shortly. One step at a time.

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Thanks for the heads-up, bluemom51
I hope, we don't have to pay for the new one
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(11-02-2015, 05:54 PM)zonk Wrote: Thanks for the heads-up, bluemom51
I hope, we don't have to pay for the new one

The technician from ResMed said it should be a free replacement. It just bothered me that they don't notify Everyone that purchased an Airsense 10 that if their's makes noise, they can contact their supplier for a replacement bin. He claimed that only a few actually don't seal right, but I have tried 4 of them - 2 in November 2014, and then waited for hopefully fixes, and 2 in October 2015. All 4 of them would make a screeching noise if you did not almost slam the bin back into the machine (so in my small sample - 100% had the defect). I have also read many accounts of people trying to adjust of fix the seals themselves. I really think is a "universal" problem - but I don't think it represents the company well that they do not notify purchasers of the defect - guess it's all about the $ these days.
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Hi bluemom51,
It’s great to hear that you were able to find this out and hopefully, when you get the new water chamber, it will put an end to the problems you are haveing with your machine.
GOOD JOB for being persistant.
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(11-02-2015, 08:31 PM)trish6hundred Wrote: Hi bluemom51,
It’s great to hear that you were able to find this out and hopefully, when you get the new water chamber, it will put an end to the problems you are haveing with your machine.
GOOD JOB for being persistant.

Thanks - I am known for being a bit "persistent". Hopefully after I also adjust the manual humidity settings and find ones that work, it will be better overall and less of the spraying water. My husband looked at the Sleepyhead software and said "piece of cake" so maybe in a few days I will have some detailed data to figure out why my AHI's have been high. I am excited - maybe I can at least get below 5 - don't know if I can reach what some folks get - below 1 - wow. Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement - I really appreciate it.
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Did you get to keep your old bin when they replaced it?

My humidifier bin is getting discolored on the bottom and I only use distilled water. This is bother me. Anyone else?
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I have been using my A10 and its humidity tank since receiving it in early May. I never do more than rinse my tank with distilled water weekly. So far, no air leaks or discoloration. I have a backup in case of trouble.

Has your tank ever ran out of water during operation. How do you clean your tank? The tank is made from low temperature plastic. If it became hot, it could discolor or become deformed.

Supplier #1 sells a version that is "dishwasher" safe for about twice the cost of the standard tank.

Just a few thoughts.


Sleep is worth the effort.
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