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AirFit P10 nasal mask fitting problems
What they are trying to say is that the pillows seal around the nostrils, even though the thought of putting the small in your nose may be tempting, the larger will seat around the nostril better and allow more air through lowering the whoosh pressure to stop them from pushing off the nose, and also allowing a better seal outside. That's the best explanation I can do. Like retired Guy I also change pillows depending on the moon from mediums to larges and then back. Some nights it just feels right.
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Okay, trying to understand. Should the pillows fit around the nostrils, not in? Because the large pillows def will fit around, not in. As in, completely outside my nostrils.

I slept with the small last night. A bit uncomfortable at first as far as amount of air, but I guess I got used to it and lasted the whole night with the small. AHI was 4.8, which is my lowest yet. I can see where more nights with the small might create some soreness. My nose was a slight bit sore this morning, since the small basically fits inside my nose, but I was not awakened by very many leaks. Last night (and some other nights) I had a problem with the tube, which will involve a whole 'nother thread of questions, LOL. I'm getting tangled in that hose.

However, one thing at a time. I'm trying to resolve the mask leaks right now.
I'm thinking now that I have tried the large at some point in the last several weeks. I did ask for a large mask and tried it briefly. Didn't remember that yesterday. But maybe I didn't give it enough time.

BTW, thank you, everyone, for your replies. I'm so glad I can come to this board and ask questions, and get some real help.
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I tried the P10 for the first time last night (my first nasal pillows mask). I was given mediums, and what I found is that they need to sit outside. I also found that the angle at which they sit can cause big changes. In my first fitting, they felt fine, but later at night, I put them on and found I couldn't breathe. Turns out they were sitting more slanted and thus the openings were squeezed. I think that's why a larger pillow will likely fit easier. I look forward to trying large size pillows tonight (once I return the loaner with mediums and get my own new set).
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I was fitted with the "extra smalls" and after my first night in them I just felt so "air starved". I tried the "smalls" - they felt better for sure, but still feeling like I wanted more "air". I went to the mediums and have not turned back. LOVE them! They sit on my nares while still allowing the little "tips" to be inside.

I also use nightly a lanolin based ointment on my nares and that helps give it a little extra seal (in my opinion). My leaks are minimal, I'll still occasionally wake with a slightly sore spot on one side or the other that doesn't last long. Sometimes it lingers to that night, but I'll still just put on my ointment and pillows and by the next morning the sore spot goes away.
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So, what size mask did you try? And how did it fit on (or in) your nose?
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(08-20-2014, 09:45 AM)Clementine Wrote: So, what size mask did you try? And how did it fit on (or in) your nose?

For me, I found that they need to sit on, not in. I only had mediums because it was a loaner, I can imagine that large would actually work better for me. Will see tonight.
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Yes, new wheel on the right side.

See the other thread about hips but basically had the surgery yesterday and they ASKED me if I want to walk or take a wheel chair. I walked out of the hospital about 7 hours post-op and only waited that long because the surgeon got tied up with 3 knees and couldn't get back to release me a bit earlier. 6am appointment (2 hours prior t surgery) and WALKED out BEFORE 6pm (would have been 4 hours sooner if the surgeon could have come back earlier.)
Sweet Dreams,

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Wow, I am frustrated. The medium mask pretty much sits outside my nose. The slightest movement I make moves the mask and creates leaks. So the large mask doesn't sound like the way to go. The small sat inside my nose and my leaks were less and my AHI was less -- but I can see that my nose may get sore after a few nights of the small.

Part of my leaking problem may be the tube, as I mentioned earlier. I get tangled up in it -- and yes, I'm using a hose buddy. Perhaps I do not have it situated correctly. For many nights I had it to my side; the last few nights I've had it up by the headboard -- but then I wake up to move the tube out of my face and switch it from side to side as I flip to my side .....

just ... ugh. So many itty bitty details to try to iron out so that this whole therapy works out . . . .
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Get the Lanolin ointment (it's a VERY THICK creme or paste) to put inside your nose.

Do that religiously before donning the mask.

Never MOVE the mask on purpose.

Put it on, start machine -- Stop machine THEN take it off SLOWLY AFTER the pressure mostly escapes.

Push it IN or wiggle it first -- do NOT pull the pillows out until is loose and clear of your inner nose.

If you must adjust the pillows TRY to just press gently TOWARDS you upper lip to flatten the little curved plate above your mouth -- if you must do more, turn the machine off and fix it.

There are both good mechanical/medical reasons for all of the above as well as experience but no time to explain at the moment.
Sweet Dreams,

Sleep study AHI: 49 RDI: 60 -- APAP 10-11 w/AHI: 1.5 avg for 7-days (up due likely to hip replacement recovery)

"We can all breathe together or we will all suffocate alone."
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DME sold me a tube of aloe vera gel for my nose. It is not thick. I guess I need to look for the lanolin?

And keep going with the small mask?

I'm really frustrated. I felt I could breathe better with the medium, but it doesn't stay put. I did breathe okay with the small last night; I just notice a slight difference.

Okay, so my next step is to go find the lanolin cream.

Thanks, Herb. Would love to hear your reasons . . . when you have time.
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