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AirFit P10 versus DreamWear
I actually alternate between the two because the Airfit bruises my nose and the Dreamwear tends to leak (although not enough for a sad face most times). So, Airfit for 5 nights, then 2 nights with the Dreamwear. My nose is happier.
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(01-28-2016, 01:37 PM)jetstreamblue Wrote: I recently had a chance to trial the DreamWear mask for 3 nights. For background, I had been using the AirFit P10 for about 1.5 years previously. Before that, I briefly used an AirFit F10 full face mask before I realized I couldn't stand it and switched to the pillows. I have been quite happy with the P10 but wanted to try something new.

In-Store Fit:
When I trial fitted the DreamWear in store, I was almost immediately sure I would like it. It felt very comfortable on the face, especially not having anything sticking in the nose. I have a rather large head, so I needed the large size head gear for proper fit. The small size nose piece seemed to work well for me. In comparison, I use the large size pillows for the P10, and being one-size, I found the P10 headgear a tight fit on my head at first, but it loosens up over time. I also really liked the idea of the top connection port on the DreamWear and not having any hoses in front of me. Although I normally have a hose holder at home, when I travel I sometimes struggle a bit with finding a good way to route the hose. After trying it in store for 10 minutes or so, I was ready to purchase, but (fortunately) they didn't have the large size headgear in stock, so instead I took their trial mask home for a test.

Sleep Trial:
It became apparent to me quickly that the mask was not as good as I had been hoping once I tried to sleep with it. First, the noise is much more noticeable compared to the P10. You can hear both exhaust ports (the one on the nose piece, and the one at the hose connector). And it seems that the size air channels also conduct sound close to your ears. Second, I had air leaks every time I slept on my side and nudged the mask, unless I tightened the headgear to the point where it was no longer comfortable. Finally, I found that during the night, my face started getting hot since the silicon material of the headgear means the skin can't breathe on those areas. I slept poorly for all three nights, and on the third night, I finally gave up in the middle of the night and switched back to my P10.

Overall, I really wanted this mask to work, but was so disappointed it didn't. The concept is good, but for me at least, it seems the simplicity of the P10 is unbeatable. I'm still looking for a backup mask to wear when my nose is sore, but unfortunately the DreamWear won't be it.

Hi everyone,
I’m new into treatment, two weeks. Here is my experience with both masks.
I did the titrage with an AirFit P 10 for her and when I began my treatment, I choose a DreamWear.
I thought that the hose on top of the head would be less of a challenge, because during the titrage test (3 nights) I would always be tangle up in the hose. In addition, I figure that the mask being soft all over and nothing up in my nose would also be great.
However, unfortunately, I had too many leaks and I find that the air blowing from the vent hole was very annoying for me; in addition, I also found that it was noisy when breathing. During the night, it would get looser when moving (I move a lot) therefore leak. For that reason, after a week, I ask to have the AirFit P 10 again, and I like
It is really much quieter; I also have almost no leaks. I was a bit concern about irritation in the nostrils. Some people said on this forum to put a little Lanolin in your nose and I find that this tip was very helpful for me. I was first fitted with an XS pillow;I found that it was a bit difficult to breathe in, but not knowing much about it I thought that it was what it was suppose to be... Again after reading post on the forum (so much info in here), I ask for the other sizes. Last night, I tried the medium one, OMG! what a difference it made!
It is so much easier to breathe in. I had a WONDERFUL day today, energy was there, it is so amazingSmile In addition, first time in months that I did not limp (severe osteoarthritis) as I used to, people I work with even noticed itAmazing Don’t know if it is related but I’m surely happy about it! Wink) It would be a good idea to ask at start for all sizes, thus you can choose which one is best for you, because I think it may make a difference in your treatment as I notice it today!

Has for the hose, I made a cover with fleece, so it doesn’t bang against the headboard anymore. I hang it with an elastic that I hook on the back of the headboard with a Cord Clips from 3M. I then run the hose in a loop that I made with the elastic and, Voilà! No more, tangle up in the hose. During the day, I just flip it back behind the headboard and nothing his showing.
So overall, I would say that it is a good mask for me, I also find quite easy to keep it all night long, isn’t the purpose of a good CPAP treatment!

Good nights sleep to everyone!

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Sorry! I just notice that I made mistake's:Oh-jeez
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Feel free to review the P10 in its Review thread here:

And here are the guidelines:
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