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AirFit P10
(07-14-2014, 07:09 PM)Clementine Wrote: It gets so that one doesn't even feel the glasses on the face. Is that a good analogy?

Yup, that is a good one.

Quote: LOL Waking up and feeling refreshed? What a strange new development, LOL.

You see? It's those little victories that add up.

You probably got some deep sleep, something that was rare when your sleep apnea was untreated.

Some days you will feel good like that, other days you won't. As time goes by you'll have more and more good days and fewer and fewer bad days.
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I've been using the AirFit P10 nasal pillows for almost two months, now. In that time my average leaks have dropped from nearly 40 L/min every night with my previous mask to, quite literally, 0.0 L/min. It has allowed me to get control of my therapy, and my AHI has steadily dropped since the switch. More importantly, I'm getting a full night's sleep and waking up refreshed…and wondering why I can't feel the mask on my face!
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Was it hard for you to get used to the mask at first, Latinist? You give me hope . . . lol

I appreciate your support, Sleepster! Thanks Smile
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My p10 "plan" -
1. Lots of nasal rinsing
2. Largest pillows wedge my nose open
3. Keeping humidity low and line heating off stops congestion during the night
4. No ramp and no pre heat ("dry start")
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I have found washing the P10 pillows with a mild soap every day helps reduce leaks. As others have mentioned, I use one size larger pillows with the P10 than I did with the Swift FX. With the Swift FX I always was aware I was wearing a mask. With the P10 I sometimes forget. I have been using the P10 for three months.
"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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(07-13-2014, 08:12 PM)Sleepster Wrote:
(07-13-2014, 07:08 PM)Clementine Wrote: How should the mask be sitting in the nose? What should I notice for proper fit?

The lip or ring should be large enough that it doesn't go inside the nostril. Try the smallest size that doesn't go inside the nostril. The strap should be just tight enough to keep that lip tight against each nostril, but don't over tighten it. If your nostrils are sore find the salve used by nursing mothers, available in the baby aisle of any drugstore.

Go to the web site of Supplier #1


Find your mask and watch the videos.

You can't adjust the tightness of the P10.

"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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(06-19-2014, 11:18 PM)herbm Wrote: Receive my new P10 last evening and wore it immediately for a great night's sleep. (0.4)

This is my first replacement P10. The original is still quite serviceable, but the new one does have a headband that is a bit more snug.

On the "film over the exhaust micro screen", I just took a soft brush and gently scrubbed it a bit -- hadn't even realized my original mask had a reduced out flow.

I really shouldn't have to everyone how great this mask is -- my new one was on backorder for almost a month.

My second P10 is scheduled to arrive today. The original is still working fine but I would have to be caught without one.

"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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Yesterday I went back to the DME and picked up a large mask for my P10. Yep, LARGE. It worked pretty well but felt huge .... leaks were at 1 and 2, whereas with the medium I generally have no leaks or maybe 1. I'm still confused about how it should be fitting. Medium fits inside my nose. Not far --- isn't that how it needs to seal? But breathing was a bit easier with the large -- but felt so dang big and it felt like if I moved, it would dislodge.

Yeah, I guess I have a big nose . . . . I guess it's my Scottish genes, LOL. Big cheekbones and big nose. gah.

So, while there the tech told me that the men's P10 actually has a larger strap. On the ResMed website, it says they are the same. ????

I keep stretching the women's strap I have and it's getting there .... wasn't too bad for tightness last night. Of course, I'm getting over my head cold, and maybe that was my problem --- full sinuses were sensitive and maybe the straps were aggravating that problem.

It's quite the long process getting the right mask, headgear, etc, isn't it. <sigh>
just confused about the correct size mask for me.
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Good news Clem,

I use the large pillows. Then after a week or so I use the medium pillows. Then after a week or so I use the large pillows.

Don't really know why. I guess it's just what feels right at the time.

So if you've got them both, you're golden.

.......and no, none of them go "inside" the nostril. They really wouldn't seal that way anyhow, but mostly they're designed to puff up and create a seal on the outside of the nostril. Which is why they're called "pillows."

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Yes, I think I will get the men's P10 the next time. I kinda like blue anyway, LOL.

Still, I'm only getting 2-3 hours with this mask before I pull it off my face in the middle of the night. I'm not too worried about that yet. I figure that any wear is good as long as it is happening every night. Perhaps one of these nights I'll sleep with it longer and surprise myself.
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