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AirSense 10 "Whistle"
After about one hour of usage, there is a low whistle that matches rhythm of breathing. Checking all fittings. Appears to be coming from the smaller angular tube in humidifier? Any fix?
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Hi rozenbob,

Relatively common problem with the S10 Auto it seems. This happens with mine every few weeks or so.

The solution that works for me is to pull the humidifer out about half way and slap it back into place to re-establish the proper seal. Not hard enough to spill water, but enough to firmly reseat the air seal.

That always solves it for me. YMMV.

On second thought ... when this happens to my machine it usually whistles immediately upon when I start breathing through it. I don't recall a case where it worked fine for an hour then began to whistle. So you may have a different issue, but it sounds like an air seal leak all the same. I would still suggest to try re-seating the seals as described above. And make sure every time you insert the humidifier after topping it off that you press firmly. I actually sort of slap it into place every time after inserting it about half way to ensure a good seal.

Saldus Miegas

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So the sound is coming from around the water tank? I don't remember mine doing this at first, but now after 2 weeks I hear it. It peaks as I inhale, which is when the fan speeds up. I wash the tank as required.
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The Unit is less than two weeks old!!
I think I prefer my old "no debt" S9
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I haven't had that problem, but my DME had mentioned it when I picked up my machine. She said that occasionally the rubber seal on the humidifier tank won't seat right. She suggested that if it happens, try pulling the seal off, cleaning it and get it set in place well .
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(05-09-2016, 06:46 PM)rozenbob Wrote: The Unit is less than two weeks old!!
I think I prefer my old "no debt" S9

No worries rozenbob, lots of people require more than two weeks to get used to a new machine. You got yours figured out quicker than most who don't have this issue until much later and think their machine suddenly stopped working. Smile

I don't see this problem as a design flaw in the S10 Auto. At least in my case, properly seating the removable humidifier is the solution 100% of the time. And knowing how to prevent this by properly inserting the humidifier has reduced the number of times it happens. For a device involving air and water seals that gets removed and reinserted 365 times each year, a small number of misses that require reseating doesn't seem out of line esp when sleepy humans are involved.

Seems more like a training issue to me than a design flaw. Others have a different perspective, and of course there is some number of actual manufacturing defects that exacerbate the problem.

I never had an S9 but it's clear that people who have them really loved theirs. Maybe you are still in the return window for the S10?

If not, then be reassured that the S10 is a good machine which a lot of people also love. At least I do and I would recommend it knowing all about the whistling issue.

Saldus Miegas
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I just got a new machine yesterday and I had this whistling issue. My DME got a fresh new stock of Airsense 10s. It doesn't appear that the problem is fixed yet my loaner had no issues. I was using it (the loaner) for about 6 weeks without any of these issues. It seems to be a random issue.
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Try smearing a dab of Vaseline around the insides of the air tubes of the humidifier. If your problem is the same as mine, this will stop the whistling.
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My ASV does the same thing from time to time. Sounds like someone blowing air across a pop bottle. They are replacing the machine for other reasons so I'm hoping I get lucky and get one with a better seal. Meanwhile I too do the pull out the humidifier tank and slam it back in trick.
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When it happens for me I just wiggle the water tank and it stops, I fill it every night so sometimes I need to wiggle it and sometimes not.
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