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Aircurve 10 bilevel and Dreamwear
OK. I've learn I can not edit after 30 min. I have also learned (I think) how to post my stats. So here they are. (I think) please help
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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I agree with Sleeprider on the auto pressures and changing to auto. I started with a VPAP auto machine set in S mode which is straight bilevel at 20/16. Musta had the wrong mask-never did get raped! Anyway I went to auto at 20.6/14.0, PS 4.0 and have been doing just fine on that setting for quite a while.

My point is that those settings might work very well for you.

Best Regards,

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We're going to need to move things around a bit, but congrats on your first graphic post.  None of the graphs other than events, are particularly useful in this example, so it would help if your would drag the flow rate, pressure, leaks, snores, and flow limitations under the events graph.  The pie-chart can be turned off letting more summary information to show by going to file/preferences/appearance and unchecking pie chart on the right side.  Finally, you will find that storage if very limited for attached images on apneaboard.  Hosting these images on another site like Imgur or Photobucket will let you have nearly unlimited space for storage, and we can refer to historic images.  I'm pretty sure this one will be deleted as soon as you find you ran out of attachment space.
Events look very good, but with leaks events may not be detected by the flow sensors.  This image shows us you are using fixed (VPAP-S) mode, which does not take advantage of the VAuto mode on your machine.  In other words, your pressure could be lower which might help with leaks. Instead of fixed 17/13, you could set EPAP min at 10 and IPAP max at 17 with  PS 4.0 and get auto pressures of 14/10 to 17/13, probably with similar results and lower leaks.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3362]
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I'll give it a try in auto. As far as the screenshots I will read all the doc & tips before I do it again. Thanks
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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Trying to get a handle on attachments. I did delete my first attachment. I will post new stats soon. I'm reading up on how to. I slept great last night. My wife said she heard no leaking noises, but I'm still getting red frowny face on leaks????
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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I'm trying to apply preferences on sleepy head, I can't see the apply button. I've tried dragging the window up and it won't go up enough to hit apply.
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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As far as I know, there is no "apply". Under File/Preferences, all of the options in the different tabs are set by checking or un-checking an option. To set the order of graphs, it is just a drag and drop operation. Resize the graphs so you can see at least 4 of them vertically (grab the bottom border and resize). The graphs can then be dragged into the order you want.
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There must be a apply button. I tabbed down to where I couldn't see the cursor anymore and hit enter, and it worked finally. Anyway I have read the do's and don't, and I think I've got it now.I changed my setting to VAUTO like suggested. I moved my graphs in the order stated, I also condensed them. Got rid of the pie chart. My leak rate is still way high. I've asked the wife to watch me when she gets up at night, she tells me there is no leaking noise. But I didn't ask her to see if my mouth is open. So that's next. Attached below is the new screenshot. If the machine is working right (brand new machine) no reason it shouldn't be working right, it has to be mouth leaking. I quit using my CPAP 20 years ago because of the full face mask and getting rapped (no typo this time)  up in the hose. Times have changed equipment has gotten much better. I really like the dreamwear mask, but at this stage of my life I would like my heart to keep beating also. Any help is very appreciated.
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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Smiledog. Excellent results but the leaks are pretty bad. Read Fred Bonjour's mask primer, the 4th link in my signature.

The second link in my signature shows how to host files on Imgur and post them here. When you attach files the space is very limited, and as you can see, we can't compare earlier results because you had to delete it. Using Imjur means your images don't get deleted and can be used to show progress or changes.
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You could always video yourself sleeping.

I'm glad the hose isn't raping you. Hopefully it won't *wrap* you either. ;-)
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