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Aircurve 10 bilevel and Dreamwear
Thanks Sleeprider. I will change the pressures tonight and see how it goes. I use the machine every night for more then 6 hours. On the 5th my top question will be why a bilevel machine? Being that they won't return calls I can't get a answer sooner. I work for a city municipality my insurance is one of the best, it's much better then my wife's. She employed at a very large national hospital corporation. Sad isn't it?
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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I have the same machine, and created my own prescription that was transcribed by the doctor. Trust me, there is nothing sacred about it. You have a fantastic machine, but to find out why you have it, just make a HIPAA request for the records of your sleep studies and prescriptions and any physician notes. See section 3 https://www.privacyrights.org/consumer-g...nts-rights
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Good Morning Sleeprider and other members, Sleeprider I changed my numbers last night. My leaks are down but AHI's went up. Can it be because my leaks are down?

[Image: omBmN7al.png]
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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I too use a bi-level machine and have had times where I had large mouth leaks.  My first mask was the Airfit P10 and I really liked the minimalist feel of the mask.  I tried a FFM to solve the mouth leak problem and I just did not like the mask at all.  I went back to the P10, however this time I started taping my lips together to prevent the leaks and it worked well.  Over a few weeks of taping and training my tongue to stay pressed against the roof of my mouth I found that I was able to sleep with the P10 with minimal leaks sans the tape.  There is a good bit of controversy on this forum on the use of tape to seal your lips.  I was able to overcome worries concerning affixation should the power go out, etc. You may want to see if you can breathe while awake with the machine turned off.   Bonjour recommended that I trial the method by having someone purposely turn off the machine while I was asleep and found that I did in fact wake up as an additional safety check.   I oscillate between the P10 and the F & P Brevida mask.  I think that I possible could acclimate to a FFM, however being able to use nasal pillows the rest of my life was worth the taping.  I do use Lansinoh every night for two purposes, one it helps with any soreness and two it helps with leak problems (the cream is somewhat thick and sticky).  Good Luck
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SD, you can't take a cluster of events at the end of the night and conclude it's worse. That event cluster is probably an airway restriction from your head position, or possible SWJ. For the first 5.5 hours your AHI was less than 1. Aside from that cluster at the end of the night, didn't it feel better most of the night to avoid the leaks and high pressure? The machine worked beautifully.
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Sleeprider, Yes it did work better. I remember turning to my side and looking at the clock. I was having problems getting comfortable during the last couple of hours. I believe the charts are reflecting me changing positions cutting my air flow. I also just wanted to see if the machine picks up on me holding my breath. If you look at the beginning it showed a spike. As always Thank You
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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The plus of using a soft cervical collar is that it prevents chin droop. If you've ever done a resuscitation course they tell you about the value of opening up the airway. This is done manually (by the resuscitator) by tilting your chin up. The cervical collar does exactly the same by stopping your chin dropping towards your chest which would constrict your airway.
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holden4th, I agree. That's why I chose the collar over tape also a chin strap. I am certified in adult and child First Aid, CPR, AED. If the collar didn't work I was going with the chin strap. But from the very first night I started using it, my leaks went down. Sleeprider helped with tweaking my machine's numbers and last night with the collar I had no leaking. My goal is to train my self to keep my tongue in place and let the collar go. But I am going to use it for at least 30 days before I try. I thought about the tape thing (My wife would love me to keep my mouth taped shut Too-funny ) I just couldn't bring my self to trying it. I already have to wear a mask over my eye's per another Doctor's order. ( This one I've been seeing for over 20 years) I trust him with my life. My sleep DR. and DME not so much. So putting some else on my head wasn't happening if I could help it.   You make a very good point with the collar and it should be considered when needed.  
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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Just noticed I made Preferred Member. I must be doing something right. I read how it works, and I'm sure if I was saying or doing something out of place the Advisory Member's/ Monitor's would have told me and or cut me off. I'm Honored. This is not sarcasm. Thanks
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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Just wanted to update this topic I started. Since I took the advice of members and did some of my own research. I am very happy to say my night's have been very restful. I've spoke to my insurance company and told them the problems I've been having with my DME and doctor, I have requested my records from my doctor. The insurance company spoke to my DME. (I pick up a new mask on Thursday) Then I will change my DME. My insurance company has been excellent, and understands what I have told them. They have sent me a complete list of DME's and other doctors. I'm considering changing doctor's depending on the answers I get when I see him Thursday.
The Dreamwear mask and the Resmed AirCurve 10 Vauto has worked beautifully since I made the changes recommended to me from this forum. I am still using the cervical collar. Hopefully not to much longer. My AHI's are in the acceptable range. My leak rate is almost none.
When I started this thread I didn't think there was any hope for me to keep the Dreamwear mask. ( that I like so much more then a full face mask).
I will check in on this thread every now and then. But I now want to continue learning on other topic's. I still have so much to learn this time with my therapy. Years ago when I had my first machine I just failed my self for not learning even the little I know now. So I just stopped using it. I'm 20 years older and I want to make 20-40 years more.
"I say, you work eight hours, and you sleep eight hours - be sure they're not the same eight hours."

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