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Airfit P10 coming off at night
I've been using this mask for almost a year now, and absolutely love it; however, recently I've encountered a problem in which I wake up in the morning and it is no longer on my head, so I'm losing 20% to 33% of therapy time, according to my data. I don't know if I'm consciously taking it off, or it's falling off as I toss and turn. The headgear is approaching 6 months old, so I'll be getting a new one soon per my insurance replacement schedule. Wondering if it's just too stretched out, and maybe I should dry it in the dryer rather than air-dry. Hoping that my subconscious hasn't decided that I don't need therapy anymore and is thus removing it on behalf of my conscious mind. :-/

Does anyone else have this issue and a good solution?
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If you Don't already do this, try using hot water to clean and soak the headband. I don't know whether using the dryer to dry the headwaters is advisable or not. Good luck with it.
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When I first started using my P10 I would occasionally wake up to the headgear sliding over my head and the mask falling off . I found that putting my chin strap on over the P10 headgear makes mask much more stable and less likely to come off.

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If you're pulling it off theres not much washing the headgear will do except perhaps making it slightly more difficult to pull off. But if you are yanking it off then the solution needs to be quite different. If you can set up a video camera of you sleeping you will find your answer in the replay.
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I separate the 2 straps and tuck the bottom one below the bump in the head (also called occipital protuberance). This steadies the mask while I can adjust the tightness by adjusting the top one. It has worked so far. I am still using the headgear that came with the mask 1.5+ years ago.

Also, soaking the headgear in a glass of warm water for 1 minute tightens it considerably.
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That's pretty much what I do too.

I pull the back strap down to the occipital area and pull some hair out over it. Of course I have thick hair to work with. Then keep the top strap up on crown area while adjusting pillows and pulling the top strap forward or back until fit is perfect. Can't pull back too far, or you get "piggy nose".
I wear the top strap slightly forward so that pillows feel slightly loose but yet sitting firmly under nose.

I then use the "mask fit check" feature at the same time adjusting pillows and let them inflate and seal. Then we're good to go...the mask never moves.
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Thanks, folks! Consistently using the occipital protuberance (happy to have that anatomy term in my repertoire now, BTW, so thanks AshSF) as an "anchor point" seems to have helped for now.

Also, using the same headgear after 1.5 years is impressive!
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THe instructions, and my DHE, do say to use HOT water, if you need to shrink the strap back to size. I usually have to do it once a month, after the first 6 weeks of a new strap. Also, the nasal pillows wear out (for most of us) and get "flappy" (technical term, ya know). That won't make it fall off, but it might produce a leak / whistle which might cause YOU to yank it off.

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(06-29-2016, 05:10 PM)BadGoodDeb Wrote: THe instructions, and my DHE, do say to use HOT water, if you need to shrink the strap back to size.

Thanks for the info but, for most of us, you're about 2 years late on hearing it. Grin The only thing to keep in mind on the P10 is certain parts are made with low-temp plastic. Don't use water any hotter than you can comfortably keep your hands in when cleaning them. The head strap can withstand a hotter temperature. Mine is going on 2 years and I dry it in the microwave.

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Yeah, I mean just the head strap, NOT the plastics. And I've only had this brand for a year; that's why I'm late in hearing it! Wink
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