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Airsense 10 Autoset - New User
I was recently diagnosed with OSA, and have been reading this forum a lot for some great information! My sleep study showed an AHI of 33 when on my back, and 22 in any other position, and my current prescribed range is 5-15 cmh20. I'm having a little trouble with my Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset, and wondering if anyone can help me.

My doc and provider would prefer I use a dreamstation auto with the dreamwear headgear, but I was determined to pick the machine/mask I found the most comfortable, and so have alternated between that set up and the Resmed Airsense 10 with p10. Both have heated hose and heated humidifier.

With the dreamstation my AHI is low <2, and I get pretty good sleep, but, I'm not nearly as comfortable on it (feel like I am suffocating when I start), not as much exhale help, etc. I wake up a lot and have to fiddle with the mask a ton. I see a 95% pressure of just shy of 7 with a max of 9.5 and few leaks. The dreamwear mask was comfortable but causes cuts on the lower portion of my nose.

With the Airsense 10 Autoset, I find it much more comfortable (particularly on exhale), and I actually like the p10 better (except hose placement). I rarely wake-up when using this, but - when I do wake up, I see large leaks, pressures ranging from 10 all the way to 15, with 14 being the 90% value. My mouth is dry and I don't feel as rested as I do on the dreamstation. AHI is similar but slightly higher on the resmed (2-3).

Am I doing something wrong? The p10 seems to fit just right with no leaks when I start. I don't breathe through my mouth on the dreamwear, but I guess I do on the p10? Should I be concerned that the pressure on the dreamstation is so low, but so high on the resmed machine?

I guess the most likely answer is use the dreamstation and I will get used to it, but if anyone has any tips/suggestions I would appreciate them!!

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You could probably figure this out pretty quickly if you download SleepyHead, and look at the data. The software is able to show detailed therapy, and can show the results of both machines without any trouble. The Dreamstation responds to obstructive events with a much slower pressure increase than the Resmed. As a result, it is important to increase the minimum starting pressure on that machine. That avoids the feeling of suffocation. I think a minimum pressure of 6.5 might improve your results.

The Resmed machine is very fast to reach therapy pressure. It's important to know what kind of events you are having, in order to know how to respond. I suspect that you are using EPR at 3 and that you are having a few CA events which increases the AHI. This is something you will likely adapt to in time, or you can reduce EPR a bit. Increasing the minimum pressure can prevent the machine from increasing pressure so much, and it is also possible to limit the maximum pressure if you want.

The important point is, if you are more comfortable on a machine, and it makes you feel more rested, then it is the correct choice regardless of the "numbers". It seems for you the Dreamstation is the better choice. Nothing wrong with that.
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Thanks Sleeprider,

That's some good information. I do have sleepyhead but I'm not sure how to parse the data between the two machines.

I think your last point will probably drive my decision. Feel > then numbers. My issue was the Resmed was much more comfortable for me, (EPR is 1). I just figured I had to be using it incorrectly.

I'll try the dreamstation full time and see if I can get used to it a little more...
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Hi C0mbe,

welcome to the forum. You landed in a good place.

Here's another factor that might affect comfort and leaks ... on the Resmed machine there is a setting for mask type. When you use the P10 you want make sure that is set for Pillows. The high pressure you noted on the Resmed might be due to a mismatched mask type setting. This might also be amplified further when the pressure adjusts after you are asleep.

A common cause of leaks with P10s and other masks occurs when you roll over in your sleep and the mask gets moved out of place. This is especially true for side sleepers. I am a side sleeper and this is rarely a problem for me anymore. I have found a way to shape the bed pillow around my cheek so the P10 mask is not pushed aside.

I have not used anything but the Resmed machine so I don't have a basis to compare machine behaviors. I have tried other brands and types of masks with it and they are all interoperable based on standard hose connectors (in case you want to play with mixing n matching the gear you are currently evaluating).

I do love my A10/P10/Ruby setup. It took me a few mask changes to evolve to that configuration.

Compared to not being on CPAP therapy, the first uncomfortable leaky FFM I used was still life changing and good enough even if it never got any better than that. But over the months when it came time to replace the masks, I tried something new (with return insurance in case it didn't work out). My mask configurations evolved from F10 FFM, to Simplus FFM, to adding a chinstrap, then trying out the P10 with chinstrap.

Don't be discouraged if it takes a little experimentation to find your sweet spot. You seem to already realize that while trading off among two current alternatives, you are still getting the benefit of the therapy. Just optimizing for better comfort.

good luck to you in your therapy.

Saldus Miegas
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Take a look at the first two links in my signature to learn how to organize Sleepyhead charts and post them here. If you can pull a screenshot from each machine, we can maybe offer some insights.
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Saldus - thank you for the response. Ill try to figure something out to control the leaks. I agree - it is a good place! There are a ton of helpful people, and information. I will check the mask setting when I get home.

Sleeprider - thanks for the links - I will arrange the data and post here.
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Hi C0mbe,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy.

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Apparently I can't post imgur links yet...
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Here is last night. No clue why my AHI was so high.. all the events happened right at the end of the night. Usually on the dreamstation my AHI is lower than 2.

[Image: xJJuTgz.png]
This one is my last night on the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset:

[Image: RGOh2PJ.png]
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This is more typical of my use with the dreamstation:

[Image: a9nsyBs.png]
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