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Airsense 10 humidity question/issue
Hello all,

I need some advise on how to go about dealing with my humidity/rainout issues with my Airsense 10 Autoset......to explain the circumstances...... I don't have any issues at all after first starting the Airsense at night, and i fall asleep easily. When i wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, the tube and mask are dry, sometimes with a little bit of condensation; so no issues at all. However, I will get rained out all the time just after a few minutes after restarting the Airsense. I have used all setting combinations of the climate cntrl and tube temp, from Auto for both, high humidity-low tube temp, low humidity-high temp, and everything in between, to no avail. I will always get a rainout. The room temp is around 60F, I like it cool with a warm blanket! In other words, all ok on the first run, then rainout always on the second run.

You think the Airsense is defective? is there a newer SW or firmware version that what I have: SW - SX567-0304, Humidifier SW - SX556-0204.

Any help or comments highly appreciated.

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Sounds to me like what is happening is the following. You shut your CPAP down. When you come back your humidifier is still close to its operating temp due to its mass but your hose and mask have cooled down. You start back up and get instant humidification but the hose and mask have cooled down so now you get condensation.

How to solve it. The first thing that I would try is to get or make an insulative sleeve for your hose to try to retain the heat while you are going to the bathroom and maybe even lay the hose and mask down on the bed and cover it with your blanket.

The other thing you might try is to take the tank out when you go to the bathroom and empty it out. Put cold water back into it, put the tank back in the CPAP and start it up like you normally do

Best Regards,


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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One other thing. You might want to update your profile since you have gotten a new machine.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

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PaytonA +1
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My Airsense 10 Auto has a warm-up function on it. If the above speculation is correct, you might be able to put the machine into warm-up after turning it off so that it keeps the humidifier system operational for the few minutes you are up and about?

I was also thinking there might be some humidity build-up somewhere in the hose and the act of taking it off, setting it down, and then putting it back on allows the build-up to flow from some area where it doesn't cause a problem to an area where it does cause a problem.
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I am not sure but I do not think that the warm-up function extends to the heated hose.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Sounds like PaytonA nailed the scenario that could cause this rainout problem.

A couple more thoughts on what to do about it...

1. Instead of dumping and refilling the entire humidifier reservoir, perhaps simply topping it off might be enough? You would have used part of the water during the night before you get up. Adding cool water to top off the reservoir might slow the humidifier down enough for the tube heater to catch up.

2. Maybe leaving the hose under the warm covers will keep the room temp air from cooling it down while you step away for a few minutes?

Saldus Miegas

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Unfortunately the temperature in your room is too cold and not helping. If you search this forum under A10 rainout issues you will find a thorough discussion of how to cure rainout both from users and from Resmeds website. You will either have to increase your room temperature - try 63 or 64, or perhaps put a space heater near your unit to keep the area warm. A couple things I did was get a tube sleeve cover, turn climate line to auto, turn the temp in my room to 64, and put the tube line under my covers for most of the run. Problem solved.

Happy Pappin'
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Thank you all for the replies and suggestions. My takes from them are:

- somehow, when the the second run starts, i get a blast of high humidity, that the moisture condenses before i breathe the air in.
- room too cold, could notch temp up a bit.
- tube loosing warmth when on the "run"; solutions are to get a tube sleeve, keep it under the sheets
- water is warm enough so himidity goes high real quick on the second run, replacing water or topping it off with cold water may give enough time to allow the hose to warm enough.

Thanks again.

PaytonA: I've updated my profile! Thanks.
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rainout is like lake effect snow, no really it is. Air comes blowing in over a body of warmer water, the air picks up moisture. Then the air goes over the cold land or the now cold tube and drops the moisture. At the start the tube and the water was the same temperature (or close) so no rainout. As the system warms up, the water and tube heat up at about the same rate, or perhaps the tube may be a little warmer than the water. Everything is good at this point.

Now you get up. the water temperature does not change much, lots of mass there. The tube however does start cooling down, not a lot of mass here. You get back turn it on and bingo warm water, cold tube-rainout.

Now you could do the above, or you could just leave the machine on and disconnect the hose for the time you are away. This would of course show up as a "false" large leak, but this may not matter to you.
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