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Airsense 10 [not the Elite]: Leave on Autoset?
After a brief attempt at CPAP in 2012 w a ResMed S9 and full face mask, jumped back on the horse the past month after purchasing a Resmed Airsense 10 [not the Elite] and an Amara View full face mask. Quieter machine and much better mask seal.

Sleep doc' had prescribed 14 cm H2O setting. have left it on auto. [Back in 2012, MD had prescribed 16 cm H2O setting.]

Should I leave it on autoset or not?

ResMed MyAir scores, for whatever they are worth, have generally been in the 90's. Breakdown of Past 14 Days [latest scores listed last] :
- Events per Hour: 2.0. 9.5, 4.5, 1.5, 4.4, 6.7, 2.9, 1.9, 4.3, [then replaced w new Amara View cushion after close to 40 days use] 2.4, 1.8. 1.9, 1.0, 4.2

The A/H Index from May 2015 Sleep Study: 9.7.
5.7 non-supine, 9.7 supine NREM; 36.2 non-supine, 6 supine REM.
I predominately sleep supine/on my back.

Your thoughts and recommendations?

Also, is there software that I can use with this CPAP machine that would benefit me?

Many thanks!


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You've definitely come to the right place. There is a ton of information and knowledgeable people here to help you. You can find downloadable software and tips here : http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Forum-S...port-Forum. I also use the Airsense 10 and utilize both ResScan and Sleepyhead software to analyze my sleep data. I'll leave it to our more experienced members to weigh in on your settings.


Happy Pappin'
Never Give In, Never Give Up

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Thanks! Had heard tho' that Sleepyhead software [whatever that is] is only good for the more expensive Airsense 10 Elite, which I did not purchase.
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The advantage of an Auto PAP is that it can adjust as we sleep in various positions; and each night is different.
(Even hour by hour we are different.)
Most people who run Auto set a window of min and max pressure that brackets their "suggested" pressure.

Myself, I give my VPAP Auto about 2 cm-H2O latitude to work with.

What is are the current settings for min/max pressure on auto?

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How do I find out the minimum/maximum settings?
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(09-09-2015, 02:08 PM)jc1brady Wrote: How do I find out the minimum/maximum settings?

Look to the top of the page where it says: "CPAP Setup Manuals."
Follow that link and request the manual for your machine.
It will tell you how to navigate the menus.
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(09-09-2015, 01:58 PM)jc1brady Wrote: Thanks! Had heard tho' that Sleepyhead software [whatever that is] is only good for the more expensive Airsense 10 Elite, which I did not purchase.

The Elite is not more expensive than the AutoSet, please check the model name
[Image: ResMed-AirSense-10.png]
[should say "AutoSet, AutoSet for Her, Elite or CPAP"]

Click here http://www.apneaboard.com/resmed-airsens...setup-info for AirSense 10 instructions and also click on the link "how to get the clinician setup manual for your CPAP machine" at the top of the page
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Forgive me if the following is data overload. But after downloading SleepyHead and comparing its data to MyAir, I am getting a quite different message from SleepyHead, in particular regarding leakage/mask seal.

MyAir was telling me that Mask Seal has been good. SleepyHead suggests the opposite. Or am I misreading it?

CPAP Statistics
41 days of CPAP Data, between Tue Jul 28 2015 and Tue Sep 8 2015
Details Most Recent Last Week Last 30 Days Last 6 Months Last Year
CPAP Usage
Average Hours per Night 08:08 07:10 06:27 06:11 06:11
Compliance 100% 100% 93% 88% 88%
Therapy Efficiacy
AHI 4.30 2.63 3.08 3.68 3.68
Obstructive Index 1.11 0.60 0.52 0.57 0.57
Hypopnea Index 1.23 0.82 0.80 0.94 0.94
Clear Airway Index 1.97 1.21 1.75 2.07 2.07
RERA Index 0.49 0.56 0.88 1.07 1.07
% of time in Cheyne Stokes Respiration 0.00% 0.00% 0.26% 0.19% 0.19%
Leak Statistics
Average Leak Rate 3.69 3.25 2.63 3.75 3.75
90% Leak Rate 10.80 8.40 7.20 10.80 10.80
% of time above Leak Rate threshold 1.45% 1.13% 0.70% 2.23% 2.23%
Pressure Statistics
Average Pressure 11.09 10.13 10.72 11.04 11.04
Min Pressure 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00
Max Pressure 18.16 18.16 20.00 20.00 20.00
90% Pressure 15.78 14.50 14.82 15.22 15.22

Changes to Prescription Settings
First Last Days AHI FL Machine Pressure Relief Mode Pressure Settings
Sat Aug 22 2015 Tue Sep 8 2015 18 3.29 0.00 AutoSet (37028) EPR: Full Time 2cmH2O APAP Min 4 Max 20 (cmH2O)
Sat Aug 15 2015 Thu Aug 20 2015 6 2.29 0.00 AutoSet (37028) EPR: Full Time 2cmH2O APAP Min 4 Max 20 (cmH2O)
Wed Jul 29 2015 Thu Aug 13 2015 16 4.81 0.00 AutoSet (37028) EPR: Full Time 2cmH2O APAP Min 4 Max 20 (cmH2O)
Tue Jul 28 2015 Tue Jul 28 2015 1 3.43 0.00 AutoSet (37028) EPR: Full Time 1cmH2O APAP Min 4 Max 20 (cmH2O)

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I'm not an expert with SleepyHead.. that said, I think you are fine.
IIRC (If I Recall Correctly) SH is reporting the sum of the mask vent rate plus unintended leaks.
Even at 10 LPM unintended (mask) leakage, the machine can maintain pressure and therapy.

What I see in your data is that your pressure range is set "wide open" from 4 to 20.
That's not uncommon when an Auto PAP is used to titrate a person.

The currently suggested pressure by your doc is based on the 90% pressure being in the 14 to 15 range.
If you stay with Auto, narrowing that window would be reasonable. Perhaps, bracketing the 14 by +/- 4. Giving a range of 10 to 18.

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(09-09-2015, 04:09 PM)jc1brady Wrote: MyAir was telling me that Mask Seal has been good. SleepyHead suggests the opposite. Or am I misreading it?
MyAir is not much different from the the smiley faces on machine sleep report but lack the detailed data which only available on the SD card
SleepyHead saying, you had a leak above the threshold 24 L/m for a small % of the time but much lower for most of the time, which is good

You'll need to see the doc about pressure adjustment, the minimum set pressure is too low as 95% pressure around 14/15

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