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Airsense 11 SD Card Error
Airsense 11 SD Card Error
I'm sure it's documented somewhere here - don't see any details on handling data backups and SD formatting. I am getting an SD Card error on the Airsense 11. Oscar read the data fine (card locked) but putting unlocked card back in unit, it kept resetting saying Airsense 11 over and over until gave the error.

I'm shaky on what info OSCAR backs up and can the SD card be restored from my daily backups?  It's not clear what the "create SD card backups during import" is backing up and can these be restored to an SD card? Do I just drag a "backup" to the SD Card or is there a built-in process?

I have a spare 32Gb SD card. Do I format on my Mac or does the Airsense 11 do it for me?

I'd like to bring the SD card to the doctor this week but may have to take my laptop instead.


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RE: Airsense 11 SD Card Error
OSCAR does not make a complete backup of the SD card, but only the data that it uses. However, OSCAR will create a zip file of the complete SD card. Go to Help menu -> Troubleshooting-> Create zip file of CPAP data card. You could then use an unzip program to copy the zip file to another SD card. BTW, it is possible that there is a disk error in a file that OSCAR doesn't look at.

The AS11 will format the SD card if necessary, but it's not a bad idea to format in your Mac to ensure you start with an empty card. After formatting, the AS11 will write up to one year of statistical data onto the card. That's probably all the doctor will want to look at. If my experience is the norm, the doctor will not understand OSCAR's charts, and may not say so.
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RE: Airsense 11 SD Card Error
Thanks - I didn't think to look at what was buried under the help menu.  

The AS 11 "cured" itself but I don't know if it will recur.   

What is the format for the SD card?

Thanks again.
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RE: Airsense 11 SD Card Error
Be real careful formatting the SD card on the mac -- the mac will spew resource forks written out on the card! You won't be able to see them in the Finder, but they will show up in Terminal if you do an

ls -al


Here's what I would do...

1) Let the cpap format the disk -- it knows what it's doing. Put your blank spare in your machine and let it do it's thing on it. It will write a skeleton directory structure.

2) Put the card in the mac, and use rsync on the command line to copy your data from your backup of your card. You can use the Finder to help you.
  • Open the Terminal program that's in /Applications/Utilities
  • On the command line, copy and paste this text:

rsync -av --exclude=".*" --exclude='System*'
make sure there is a space after the end of the text.
  • Then arrange the Terminal window and the Finder so you can see both of them
  • Grab the folder that's your backup folder on the Finder, and drag-and-drop the folder onto the Terminal window. This causes the name to appear with all of the necessary quotes and escapes to work. It also will put a space at the end
  • In the Finder, go to the folder icon that's at the top of the window and right-click (or control-click) on it. The entire folder tree back to the root appears as a drop-down menu. Go all the way to the top, which is the / directory.
  • Your SD card -- the one that the cpap just initialized for you -- is probably called something like "No Name" or "Untitled". Grab that folder and drag-and-drop it onto the Terminal window.
Your Terminal window should now look something like

rsync -av --exclude=".*" --exclude='System*' /Macintosh\ HD/Users/Paul/cardBackup /Volumes/No\ Name

Hit return and it will copy the files from the backup to your SD card.

Put the card back in your machine and see how it does...

(If you are really paranoid like me you use a linux virtual machine to copy your data. I've had the mac screw up my cards!)
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RE: Airsense 11 SD Card Error

Nice trick dragging folders into terminal.  Seems rsync updates the difference between the backup file and the formatted SD card so should maintain what the AS11 puts on the new SD card.  Great. 

Will try tomorrow morning.  Seems it would be a useful OSCAR feature to be able to actually use the zipped image of the SD card so could have the inverse of the SD backup creation.
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