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Alcohol and AHI
Does alcohol affect AHI numbers? I'm visiting my cousin this weekend out of state and this is the first time I have traveled with my CPAP. I had more wine than usual last night and my AHI is double than what it was the night before (before my trip). I only drink socially on the weekends and haven't had this much to drink (feeling a little hungover this morning) since I started my therapy almost 7 weeks ago.

Could it be the alcohol or the unfamiliar surroundings (or a combination of both) that could affect AHI?

Just curious.
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LOL of course! Alcohol is a CNS deppressant and will worsen obstructive apnea by further relaxing the throat, and can diminish autonomic respiratory effort leading to increased hypopneas and central events.

Hopefully you had a good time, and the headache is not too bad this morning. Smile
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If I have 2 beers in the evening instead of 1, my AHI is almost always higher the next morning. So I'd say yes to your question based on my experience. I have central apnea by the way.
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Yep, I had a couple beers last night myself, My AHI are for the most part under 1 , well this morning they were 3.1 so I must have had too many, and I no there was not much downtime before bed and that last beer.
But I still scored 100%, I made over 7 hrs. , and low leaks, only took the mask off once...(Had to let the dog out and put some flowers out)
Happy Valentines Day!, and AHI was still under 5.
Enjoy your Day!
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Hi Novatom,
I perused the literature on Apnea and Alcohol and while I didn't make it through all 52 , I made it through a good number. What it appears to say, is that Alcohol is "associated" with increased risk for snoring and thus apnea, and some studies show that alcohol use is one of the associated factors with risk of apnea in selected groups that were studies. I've not found a study that will tell you what exact proportional relationship there is between the two.

That said, the CNS depressant thing is true, and worth noting. I have read somewhere (not sure how reliable it was) online that one should avoid having alcohol within 6 hours of bedtime when one has apnea. Whether that was just a random suggestion or based on science, I do not know.

I'm sure there are a few on this board who would, for the sake of science, be glad to give it a study and report back (-: Of course we can't select out for all the other factors, like dogs howling, the food we ate too late and thus and such.

I rarely drink, and when I do, I don't get far. That said, I asked the hubby if he wanted to split a 24 oz Marin Brewing Company Porter tonight with supper. That will be far ahead of 6 hours before bedtime for me. My AHI is still to wonky hit or miss to say anything for certain, but I do make a habit of noting unusual behaviors in a little online diary app I got for free on my phone. I note different meds, reflux if I am having any, alcohol, stuffy head/cold/sickness/asthma etc. I probably should note if I have extra stress too.

The Manse Hen with her wattle in some cold foam.
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I got some special chocolate from Colorado. I wonder?
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The Hen Wrote:I probably should note if I have extra stress too.

yeah, but don't stress about it.
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We have 2 or 3 drinks (1 1/2 oz) at night - each drink lasts us about an hour. My wife and I both have six month AHI averages less than 1.5. On Friday and Saturday nights we often have 4 or 5 drinks and the AHI is no higher on those nights.
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I am happy to say that the wine I had with dinner last night did not cause a raise in AHI. But then I didn't particularly feel buzzed either....
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(02-14-2015, 07:42 AM)novatom Wrote: Does alcohol affect AHI numbers?
Not in my book, but I only drink Australian wines

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