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All you wanted to know about the ResMed Airsense 10
(04-04-2015, 10:57 PM)swaziman Wrote: ResMed make a side panel which replaces the humidifier and makes the machine a bit narrower for travel. It has the necessary ports to channel the air to the tube. I have ordered one from the US but have yet to receive it.

With the humidifier tank plugged into the unit, it's not particularly larger with humidifier vs without humidifier. I had a business trip last week where I took an ERJ-145 to get to my long haul connection. I went as compact and minimalist as I could go with a canvas bag for clothes & CPAP machine and a smaller canvas bag for my notebook computer. The Embraer 145 is a 2+1 plane with a very small overhead on the 2-seat side of the plane and I didn't want to gate check a CPAP machine. I was fine. For a longer trip, an A10 fits just fine in my roll-aboard.

I have a spare S9 that I've set up for 12v operation. I'm planning to use that on the boat without the humidifier and without the heated ClimateLine hose. It only draws 1 amp/12 watts at my setting.
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Thanks for this information. I just got my AirSense 10 today, and I'll be using it for the first time at home tonight. I used this information to turn on the SmartStart setting, which was suppose to have been set up for me at the sleep clinic.

My insurance paid for part of the bill here, I'm having to foot about $350 USD as my part. I don't know what the total cost is yet. I guess I'll see that when the bill gets here.

Thanks again for giving the information that I believe should have been given with the documentation in the first place.
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Appologies if this has been covered, but can't find with a search...
I'm in the process of buying an Airsense10 Elite in Canada, (which has been nothing short of insanely frustrating, as well as eye opening to how mismanaged our tax dollars and the health industry are)

I currently have an S9 AutoSet, and a copy of ResScan to check out the data. I am very independent, and plenty technical to understand cpap/apap settings, options, and the data.

I've been told by the local vendor that when buying the Airsense 10 Elite model I need to buy an "upgrade kit" for it to provide (her with) "usage compliance plus, AHI and leakage", and that without the upgrade, it "only records records usage compliance". The kit includes "1 Memory Data Card", and some other accessories...

Those were the answers given AFTER questioning why the manual, and all online documentation state the AS10 include an "SD Card (already inserted)".

I didn't go this far with her, but the Clinical Guide also states on pg. 28 that;
"Every AirSense 10 device comes with an SD card already inserted and ready to be used. Once the data is loaded into ResScan or AirView via the SD Card Reader, you can review and analyze data, as well as update therapy settings and transfer them to the patient’s device via the SD card.",
...as well as "The AirSense 10 device stores patient compliance data such as AHI, Total Hours Used and Leak. Detailed Data such as snore and pulse rate, as well as high resolution flow and pressure data, are stored on the SD card."

I have a meeting in a few days and am looking to equip myself with more knowledge on the subject quickly. From the several weeks and many threads I've been through already on this board, I turned to it as likely the best resource to help me get some clarification on the subject.

There are other parts to my story that I'd rather not go into, but I will also be using an AS10 AutoSet unit, and don't plan to let any of them transmit cellularly. I'd like to have full access to my data on the AS10 Elite, and at this point would rather work with my own (auto) machines, and data reporting to determine setting changes, over meeting with local "specialists".

Any input on the Elite/upgrade/data capabilities issue would be greatly appreciated! Smile
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As it seems that you have already guessed, she is misinformed or worst case just plain lying to you.

You are correct that bothí the Elite and AutoSet are fully data capable with standard SD data cards in the machines from the factory. Either Sleepyhead ver 9.8-1 or latest version of Rescan will display the downloaded data from the SD card. If she sells you the Elite without the SD card that it is shipped from the factory with (already inserted) then just go to a local store and buy an SD card of your own.....I have tested mine with a 4gig SDHC and it works just fine.......I have heard others with higher capacity such as 8 and 16 that work too, but the larger capacity cards are overkill.....the units ship with a simple 2gig SD card.

The over-the-air monitoring service is pretty much worthless information for you as it primarily only transmits usage and basic AHI numbers, but none of the detailed and high resolution flow data.......the only way to get the detailed and high resolution data is via SD card download and importing the data into Sleepyhead and or Rescan.

Get a copy of the clinical manual from this forum and when you get your machine go into clinical menu and set the line item "Essential" to "Plus" from just "On" and you'll get a much more detailed sleep report from the machines screen and setting essentials to Plus will also give you more settings available in the standard patient menu.

If some DME sold me the Airsense without the SD card inserted then I would raise a Hissy Fit because they would have had to go into the box and take the installed SD card out before they sold it to me, which is a straight up case of consumer fraud in my book as ResMed ships them with the SD card installed.......just my two cents worth.
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under pressure - THANK YOU!

All makes sense, and is what I assumed, I just didn't have the experience yet to know for sure.

And thanks for the additional tips. After a week of being officially diagnosed and prescribed (after 3yrs of symptoms) I have the clinical manuals for the AS10, and S9, as well as Resscan which I've already reviewed a few nights sleep on. I just grabbed a copy of Sleepyhead to learn about that next...
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Soundguy, which province are you in? You may want to get an Autoset; it is a step up from the Elite. If you already have a well-working S9...why make the change? And if you already have a prescription, you can purchase from the States-GST-free for importing. You are not tied to your DME, even though they want you to think they are. You can go anywhere: across the city, province, country, etc.

The S10 has an internal modem, while the S9 has an external one. Maybe (benefit of doubt), the lady forgot the S10 model has the modem. That could be the "upgrade kit" which includes their service of reading your own data for you.

If you do not want anybody to ever read your data, you will have ot turn the "airplane mode" ON. I don't mind, and leave mine on. My machine sends a daily report to the cloud (MyAir) on the resmed site. I look up my AHI at work. It's simple and basic for people who aren't technical.

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Thanks trailrider. Sent you a PM with some further details, but basically I don't own the S9, am in the process of purchasing two Airsense10's, and one can not be an Autoset unit...
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I want to add one more thing to this thread for clarity sake, and I hope I don't step on anyone's toes, or upset anyone, but some folks keep referring to an S10.

There is no such thing, and using that terminology can lead to confusion.

ResMed's new AirSense machine is designated by ResMed as AirSense 10, which comes in various favors like:

AirSense 10 CPAP -- straight CPAP with no detailed or high resolution flow data available

AirSense 10 Elite -- straight CPAP but with full data including detailed and high resolution flow data

AirSense 10 AutoSet -- auto algorithm and full data

AirSense 10 AutoSet "For Her" -- standard auto algorithm plus second "For Her" auto algorithm with full data

And of course there are the higher end AirSense models such as a BiPaP and ASV machine.

But NO "S10"

If you want to abbreviate it might be better to use "A10"

Now let the flaming begin ;+)
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Acknowledged, re: S10/A10. I can't remember where I first saw S10 listed, maybe my DME or prescription. Hence it was in my profile.
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I know I am being picky and splitting hairs, but I see in your profile that you are an Engineer so I bet you understand my point

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