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Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
I'm a long-time user of the Aloha nasal pillows.  I'm what they call an "active sleeper" -- I don't sleep on my stomach, but any other position is fair game, and I change positions a lot.  For years, I've been using the Aloha nasal pillows and I've been pretty happy with them.  But they have made some kind of change to the headgear, and now they are leaving permanent purple stains on the pillowcase.  I've tried several replacement sets of nasal pillows and headgear, and the same thing keeps happening -- first the part of the nasal pillow where the headgear latches in starts to turn purple, then it starts staining the pillowcase.  The stains won't wash out, and my wife is getting tired of ruined pillowcases.

So I'm looking for something else.  To me, the main advantages of the Aloha (besides the fact that they're nasal pillows) are:
* The exhaust is quiet.
* I can swivel the hose around so that the exhaust doesn't blow on my wife, if I'm facing her.  (I've been doing this for so long that it's second nature now.)  
* It's easy to take off and put back on for those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

I haven't shopped nasal pillows in a good while, and there seems to be a much larger variety now.  The AirFit P10 seems to be popular, but it looks to me like the only way to change the exhaust direction is to turn your head.  The Pilairo Q appears to have a ball-and-socket arrangement for the hose like the Aloha, but I have my doubts about the one-side-fits-all pillows.  I'll keep looking, but does anyone have any suggestions?
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
Hi cornutt!  -  Welcome
First, I would recommend emailing the manufacturer of the Aloha mask about your problem.  I am betting that whoever specs the headgear isn't a CPAP user, and isn't aware of this issue.

OK, now mask for recommendations.  The Resmed has the P10, which is quiet, but I don't think you can redirect the exhaust.  The P30i is basically the same design, but has its umbilical hose attach point located at the top of the user's head instead at the front of the mask. Another consideration is the F&P Brevida.  It is quiet and exhibits exceptional seal quality.  Its diffuser isn't all that directional, though.

I'm sure others will join in with their observation of other nasal pillow mask options.

Good luck!
- Red
Crimson Nape
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
Before I started using the Bleep mask, I was a big Aloha fan. I used strap covers from Supplier #31 (see supplier list linked above). Take a look and see whether they'd cover the problematic areas.

But this shouldn't be happening, so you should definitely pursue that too!
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
Never used the Aloha so can't compare to it -- but I would say the Resmed P30i is worth a try.

I also move around a lot, mostly sides and back but some stomach.  I used Swift-LT pillows for years, which worked well but left big marks on my face.  Tried the Swift-FX and P10 for a couple weeks each, but had leak problems with both -- the headgear just didn't keep them in place, with hose pulling them out of position when I moved around -- even using an overhead support arm).  As well, all three of those blow a "stream" of air out the vent holes.

The P30i has worked well for me, very comfortable in all positions and no leak problems.  The "top of the head" swivel quick-connect keeps the hose from pulling on the pillows.  And the pillow "vent" is a filter/diffuser, not just open holes, which makes it quieter AND prevents a stream of air blowing on the wife.
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
>>> the F&P Brevida. It is quiet and exhibits exceptional seal quality. Its diffuser isn't all that directional, though.

Actually, the diffuser is on a ball joint, and sometimes it points to my neck and I have to twist it away from me...
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
After trying many masks, I have settled on the p30i.
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
Primarily use Bleep and occasionally using the F&P Brevida (temperamental nose doesn’t like pillows full time). I think it has the best diffuser since it is on a swivel. It is very quiet. I have the diffuser in a position so it doesn’t blow into my eyes which is a pet peeve with the 7 other masks I’ve tried.
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
I second Red's recommendation of the Brevida. It has a great sealing ability. I move around during sleep but it does not break seal. The exhaust is diffused, no no jet. Very quiet. If the diffused exhaust points at you, it is easy with the swivel to change its direction -- but it is not a strong exhaust. Did I say the seal is great??
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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
Thank you for the suggestions, everyone.  I've been in a roundabout with the doctor's office -- they are pressing very hard to get all of their patients to order everything through them, but they don't carry any nasal pillows, and based on my previous experience, I refuse to use a mask. Today, I finally convinced someone there to send my prescription to [DME link removed, instead go to Supplier #1], so I can order.

I'm going to give both the P30I and the F&P Brevida a try.  I'm placing the order now.  I'll let everyone know how it goes.

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RE: Aloha nasal pillow user, looking for something else
I just received them today. I'm going to try to P30i first. I've got it fitted up with the medium nose piece. I'll give it a go for several nights, and then I'll try the Brevida.
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