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Am I sleeping?
RE: Am I sleeping?
Yes, thank you.  Exactly.  I only use ethernet and not WiFi because of EMFs.  But my neighbors' signals enter my living space.  I found that out while pairing a device and if I look at available networks on my computer.  I think my biggest problem may be the "smart meter" the electric company installed.

I do not use the modem installed in my Dreamstation.  I removed that when it arrived.  I use the SD card and transfer my data.  I wonder how many people do not know that a modem at their head every night is not good.

I don't use Bluetooth, but my phone has it.  Unfortunately, I cannot turn off my phone.  I am the contact person for my mother who lives in skilled nursing, they must be able to reach me 24/7.  I keep the phone as far away as the CPAP hose lets me. LOL

I wonder how much EMFs affect me.  First I need to get a mask that doesn't leak.  I hope that will prevent the multiple arousals I have now.
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RE: Am I sleeping?
Leaks cause me poor sleep, so I'm sure that's a part of the problem.

On your cell phone, have you toggled *off* the: bluetooth, wi-fi, & location? I can sleep better if those are toggled off, even though the phone is on.

I didn't want to mention the smart meter, but that was what I was going to mention next. So yes, I imagine that could be a major factor. I paid to have my smart meter removed... and suddenly my kids started sleeping through the night!

I, too, have everything hardwired in my house. The neighbors' wi-fi and bluetooths bother me, so I moved my bed as far away as possible from walls near my neighbors... and that has helped.

And yeah, I pulled the modem and tossed it, AND turned Airplane Mode ON on my DreamStation. Nobody needs to be sleeping next to that!
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RE: Am I sleeping?
Thank you. You are definitely on top of all the EMF stuff. Wow. I didn't know that about the cell phone.  Thank you.  I will do that.

How wonderful that lowering the EMFs in your house enabled your children to sleep through the night.  Fantastic. Good, Mom.  I need to look into having the smart meter removed.  It may have been installed on my water meter as well. More details to deal with.

I may move my bed. I'm not sure where is safest.
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RE: Am I sleeping?
how would one know if emf and all these devices are bothersome? is it perceptible? like, can I assume that if I'm completely oblivious to it, it isn't a problem? my electric meter & presumably a smartmeter is outside: is that still a potential problem? if it runs through the house wiring, there's no degradation akin to voltage drop? is all house wiring a source of emf or just stuff like remote controls, microwave ovens and wifi? are emf phone apps sufficient to check for it? guess I should look it up but don't want to devote the time if it's true that if I don't perceive it, it must not be affecting me(?), or at least I'm not sensitive to it(?). do you think it might be a reason for frequent awakenings? I've run out of things to explain mine.

if this is off-topic, I'll pose the questions a new thread.
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RE: Am I sleeping?
(04-12-2021, 01:04 PM)sheepless Wrote: how would one know if emf and all these devices are bothersome? 

do you think it might be a reason for frequent awakenings? I've run out of things to explain mine.

As much as I would love to nerd-out on this with you, I don't think this board is the right place for that. A simple answer is: every person is different, and some people are more sensitive than others. 

But to answer your sleep question - yes, EMFs can very much be the reason for sleep awakenings/disturbances. Each source (smart meter, wi-fi, bluetooth, location/gps, cell phone, cordless phones, etc.) is compounding and cumulative. Even just turning off your wi-fi at night can make a significant difference.
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RE: Am I sleeping?
I guess this is a different topic but I am not familiar with how forums work.

EMFs effect all living beings.  Some of us are more sensitive or susceptible. One symptom is insomnia, which is how it came up. Is my not sleeping due to sleep apnea and CPAP interface, EMFs, anxiety, or other causes?  I'm trying to figure out how much I sleep and when.

EMFs are very complex.  There are good websites and scams so be careful. I think I am prohibited from directing you to a reliable site from here.  I don't understand the rules, so I'll err on the safe side.
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