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Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
Hi all.

Amara View blows Really Cold Air on my Top Lip.

I have decided to move away from my Favorite P30i for a while and have a loaner PR Amara View from our local support team (USA DME equivalent).

It may just be the design, with the hose connector aiming the incoming air straight at my top lip.
(the F30i and the Dreamwear have the hose air come down around the head (pre-warming to body temperature?) and then into the side of the mask cushion.)

I have tried
I have tried placing tape on my top lip, not helping. 
I have the Resmed A10 turned up to high hose heat 29C, also not helping, even though my bedroom temperature is around 23 - 24C at night.
I have have tried increasing the Manual humidity to 5 or 6 and get mask condensation, so have to settle for humidity of 3 or 4 which feels fine.

(I have read all the reviews on this mask in this forum but have not noticed any comment about this issue.)

There are some really good things I like about it, it fits well, it seals well, it stays in place when side sleeping, so I will keep on trying.

My setup is straightforward: Resmed A10 for her, average to low pressures, hose hanger, hose goes above my head to the headboard.

Is there a trick to this?
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RE: Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
I used the Amara View for several years and the only problem I had with it was the air blowing into my eyes . I got around that by wearing swim goggles when sleeping .
However , when the ResMed AirFit F30 came out I tried it and have been using it ever since . It is very similar to the Amara View but better I find . No problem with air blowing into my face or eyes .
I would suggest that if you like the Amara View you would like the AirFit F30 even more . Give it a try .
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RE: Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
I have never used the Amara View, but have been using the ResMed Airfit F30 also. The first few nights getting it adjusted properly my upper lip did get cold. But I attributed that to me having the mask adjusted too tight, possibly cutting off circulation slightly. Since then i have have found the perfect adjustment and don't even realize i'm wearing it anymore.
For you it may just be finding the perfect adjustment, or trying a different mask like the F30.

Best of luck...
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RE: Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
@ nadprok:
thanks for the reply. Yes I agree the F30i is also good, I am trialling them both.
The Amara View blows cold air straight onto my upper lip, a bit annoying. The mask does vent upwards towards my eyes but I just use a sleep mask to protect my eyes.
I will keep trialling both.

@ Jeff8356
Also thanks for the reply:
Good point about the mask headgear may be a bit too tight. Next time I use this mask in the next week or so I will loosent the straps a bit.

one other thought: I could stop hanging the hose from the headboard of the bed and tuck it under the blankets, that might help warm the air.

Any other input from other Amara view mask users would be welcome.
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RE: Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
You mention the F30i in your last post . I was referring to the AirFit F30 in my post which is a different mask than the F30i .
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RE: Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
My mistake, you are correct.

Yes, I remember the F30 with the front hose attachment. Movement in bed has a tendency to pull the mask away from the nose are, aggravating leaks to my already dry eyes.

F30i is just easier to use with the hose on top of the head and out of the way.
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RE: Amara View Freezing my Top Lip
Used the Amara View for the whole night. Hose temp 29, humidity M5.

The good:
The hose was off the hose hanger and under the blankets: the cold air blowing on my top lip was much less.
Less leaks to eyes than usual but need eye mask.

Fixomull to bottom of silicone mouth piece dampened the leak noise but felt a bit uncomfortable. I won't pursue this with this mask.
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