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Amara View making inside of mouth sore
In the last week I have been waking up laying on my side and essentially laying on the Amara View small mask as well. The inside of my lower mouth has gotten sore as a result, between the bottom edge of the teeth and the bottom of the mouth, probably about half way down my chin from the outside. I tried to cushion the area with gum and I tried situating the mask lower down on my face, but I finally switched back to my Mirage FX Nasal mask (and taping mouth shut-which I really don’t like). But, I have a bunch of expensive dental implants, which I don’t want to risk either.

I also tried the Amara View medium mask but there isn’t enough difference between the two sizes to make much difference. I can’t think of much else to try in my stable of masks: F10, F20, Mirage Quattro (which I really don’t like), P10 XS, S - both seem to leak a lot plus I have to tape my mouth shut. However, I went ahead and ordered a P10 medium just to try since I’ve heard so many good things about them here on the forum.

I already use a soft cervical collar b/c I head tuck. I wear a mouthguard due grinding. I’ve thought of getting one of those rolls of cotton the dentist uses to keep your cheek off your teeth. 

Any ideas, anyone? Thanking you in advance.
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On that mask the mouth size stays almost the same on all of them, it is the nose part that extends out as they get larger. You can try and stretch out the mouth opening, but it really does not give any room for mouth open sleeping.

Have you tried using a chinstrap for a few nights and training to go to mouth closed habit?
I transitioned over (being a bad night mouth breather) to nasal only with no chin strap in about two weeks.

Have you looked at the Dreamwear mask?
That would keep stuff away from your mouth.
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I have a similar problem. I have a upper mouth guard and use the Simplus FFM. The mask strap pushes my cheek into my teeth and gets rubbed. I used the Resmed F10 but the lower straps seem to push harder in the wrong location.

My dentist is going to make me some alternate guards to use.

I have tried a chinstrap but have a problem with motor boating air out between the closed lips. Ideally I'd like something like the Dreamwear if I could stop the motor boating.
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Hi - interesting, I have a lower mouth guard and the lower edge of the Amara View gets pushed under the edge of the mouth guard and sets up a sore that is very sore and takes some time to go away. I have tried to place the mask further down on my chin, but the sore just relocates. 

I also know what you mean by motor boating. That’s a great description, it’s something like bubbles coming out of the corners of my mouth. I have the P10 pillows but have to tape my mouth closed in order to use them, and it seems way too difficult to keep them positioned. I’m waiting another 5 weeks until I hit the 3 month mark to order a DreamWear pillow that has an opening like the Amara View. In the meantime I am switching between the new F20, the P10s, the Mirage FX nasal, a small Amara View, and a medium Amara View.

Good to hear from you.
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